This is Vadivelu’s character in the movie Mamannan! Photo leaked on the internet ..

Busy Vadivelu

Vadivelu Vadivelu continues to act in films again after a hiatus of several years.

Accordingly, one of the major films in which he is currently acting is Mamannan, starring Mariselvaraj in the upcoming film starring the star.

Vadivelu, Udayanithi Stalin, Keerthi Suresh and Bhagat Bachil are all co-starring in the film.

Leaked photo

Vadivelu’s character has been leaked from the highly anticipated film. Yes, Vadivelu’s name in this film is Mamannan.

Vadivelu plays a politician in a political film. The poster of the film is spreading among the fans on the internet.

This is the whole story of the Beast movie! Viral photo on the internet …

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