This is what serial actress Chitra did before committing suicide – said Hemant for the first time

Actress Chitra is one of the most popular actresses in the Pandian Stores series.

No one expected her to do such a thing as she showed herself on screen as a very brave woman.

Fans still remember him and posted about Chitra on social media.

Action things that Hemant said

Hemant, who was married to actress Chitra, has been talking about his suicide for so many years now.

Hemant had complained to the police that the reason was that his life was in danger and that some people were threatening him so that certain facts would not come out, so he needed protection.

Then he, I say the cause of Chitra’s death, but there is something else behind her suicide, it can not be said openly now. He has said that if the police give me protection I will tell out some facts.

When Chitra came to the room after finishing the shooting on the night of her death she was just a little depressed and I know what the reason was. But we were sitting outside the hotel room talking and convincing ourselves that we could take care of all that.

Even then he looked a little sad. It was like going to the room and coming out and sitting down. Then he closed the hotel room saying I was going to take a shower.

There was no noise as I picked it up as it didn’t come for a long time either. So I asked another key to be in the hotel and one of the hotel staff went to the room and he just opened the door.

Chitra was in that position when he suddenly opened the room and shouted and I went back and saw.

We brought him down without understanding and gave first aid but he said his life was gone.

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