This was the reaction of the team of the film ‘Ni Mein Saas Kutni’ after the notice of the Women’s Commission.

Jalandhar (Bureau) – The Punjab State Women’s Commission had issued notice to the director and producer of Punjabi film ‘Ni Mein Saas Kutni’ to appear on April 22. The film team held a press conference on this. The member accompanying the team responded by saying why the objection was raised. We need to understand a little bit about this. This is our oldest folk. “I want to make it clear that the objection that has been raised is not being directed against the actors, it is not a way to create a rift between the opposition or the actors,” he said. He said that the media has to keep in mind that there is no motive behind it. “I would like to say on the trailer of the film ‘Nein Mein Saas Kutni’ that it is part of our folklore,” he said. There is so much in our culture. We cannot take it for granted that it is detrimental to one’s dignity.
Meanwhile comedian and actor Gurpreet Ghughi said that the way Manisha ji took notice of this, I thank her that she is conscious for the society. Listen It suits both sides that if someone said something to them at first and they brought it to their attention and when our producer and director told them clarity they also took it into consideration and told them that Yes, there is nothing objectionable about it.

The comedian said that whoever has lodged a complaint about it, first of all I would like to thank them, Manisha ji has a lot more work to do about women. It is not a good idea to confuse them without allowing them to do something very important to society. He could have solved the issue of life and death as long as he was involved in it. These petty issues should not be ignored and I urge anyone who has lodged this complaint to trust the Censor Board of India. The Censor Board is a national body, a government body.
Speaking on the occasion, Gurpreet Ghughi said that censorship certificates are not issued for such a thing which is being used against the society or any individual. Therefore, the inclusion of the Women’s Commission was or was itself the result of a small thinking. If we talk about the movie ‘Sass Kutni Di Kariye’ 30 years ago today, when a New Year’s program came out, Nuri ji’s most hit song ‘Nachhatra Neem Da Ghotna Liyandi Ni Mein Sass Kutni’ then I think that from today The controversy should have started 30 years ago.

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