This week KGF 2 is No.1! Chennai’s main theater just announced ..

The Beast movie, directed by Nelson and starring Commander Vijay, was released on the 13th.

And the film has received mixed reviews from everyone since its release. The resulting beast is said to be a huge hit at the box office.

In this case, the KGF 2 movie was released the day after the Beast movie was released. Released amid great anticipation, the KGF 2 movie has been receiving rave reviews from the public.

Due to this, the theaters for the KGF 2 movie in Tamil Nadu have been overcrowded and shows have been added.

KGF 2 is the No.1 movie currently being released this week in one of Chennai’s major theaters. Bookings for the movie are complete till Sunday.

The KGF 2 movie has been posted as Uncontrollable for the next 4 weeks.

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