Those who have made a profit by keeping Vijay films should not talk like this- Celebrity in favor of the actor

Vijay is a leading actor who celebrates Tamil cinema. Vijay’s films made many box office successes after Rajini, at which time he was celebrated on a grand scale.

But today the Beast movie starring Vijay was not received well due to the opinion of the fans that the plot is not set properly.

The talk of the fans is that Vijay has done his job exactly as always.

Low collections

From the day the Beast movie was released a lot of things came up with mixed reviews and a lot of things were dissolved. Thus the Commander fans are in deep grief.

Kgf 2, starring Yash, is running rampant everywhere.

Distributors in support of the visit

The Beast movie has been badly criticized by a lot of people for its failure. In this case, the distributor, Rajamannar, will criticize the fans for making flaws in some of the films.

But the actor (actorvijay) has spoken in support of Vijay saying that it is very wrong for theater owners to make fun of themselves today and it is better to forget to say thank you.

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