‘Through My Window’ Ending, Explained: Does Ares and Raquel Get Back Together?


Netflix’s Spanish movie, “Via My Window,” is the “admire story” of Ares and Raquel, the set up we gaze them streak through the hurdles of the angst of juvenile admire coupled with familial disapproval and emotional unavailability of the male protagonist. The movie has been directed by Marcal Fores and written by Ariana Godoy and Eduard Sola.

‘Via My Window’ Ending

The ending of “Via My Window” is what we fetch to call a “one-stroke ending,” the set up the whole lot comes together in the closing five minutes, in a single narration without a proper dart.

We gaze that Raquel has decided to be heroic and give her relationship a chance and lets Ares know that she is going to in all probability be hopeful for him at prom. When Ares arrives, sooner than he meets her, he will get into an altercation with Yoshi and ends in the swimming pool face down because of an accident, and the chlorine in the pool triggers him into a shock. He’s taken to the well being facility, the set up Ares’s family and Raquel wait while he’s getting handled. From there on, Raquel talks to his family to give their relationship a chance, and they agree, having been shaken up as a result of chance of losing their son. 

After Ares recovers, we gaze that he and Raquel reconcile and utilize the summer season together, at the close of which, Ares leaves for clinical college. Raquel goes on to create her book and catch it printed. Artemis acknowledges his relationship with Claudia, Daniela begins publicly dating Apollo, and it is a cheerful ending for all people. The movie, then all over again, forgets to tie up one loose close, which is that of Yoshi, Raquel’s ideal buddy. We gaze that he confessed his emotions to Raquel, and when she thinks Ares changed into as soon as no longer going to reach to prom, she runs into his arms, pronouncing that he’s the accurate one who’s continuously there for her. He tells her about Ares sooner than she can notify extra. So, it is up to the judgment of the viewer.

Pondering how the writers gave “Via My Window” this type of tremendous ending, keeping in step with that, we can fill that Yoshi got over his emotions for Raquel, and they are aloof ideal friends while he’s doing his possess thing successfully. An ending as ideal as it will get.

What We Think Of ‘Via My Window’ Ending?

“Via My Window” is presupposed to be a fluffy teenage romantic angst movie, with a a miniature bit clipped and intense tone. You fill got gotten the total frequent tropes on this-one of the best lady, the execrable boy with a tragic past, the male ideal buddy of the girl who’s secretly in admire alongside with her, and the second-ideal buddy who’s the heroine’s polar opposite and serves the other romantic subplot with notes of comedic reduction. These are tales one has heard and seen limitless adaptations of. So, when somebody tunes in to concept any other surely one of those, they create no longer seem like having a look for for unpredictability or a storyline that is out of the fashioned. They are having a look for for upright some in actual fact feel-fair proper fluff, a romantic fantasy, and a few swoon-favorable moments.

The ending of this type of story is set elevate a high from the dart of the characters, and here’s why the close of “Via My Window” changed into as soon as this type of let-down—because there changed into as soon as no dart. They fell in admire because they had been presupposed to. The fellow got over his emotional limitations because he changed into as soon as presupposed to. The girl forgives the fellow and takes him encourage because she changed into as soon as presupposed to. All of it ties up in the close because it is presupposed to. The story and its characters lack persona.

In Conclusion

Netflix has seen a slew of book-to-movie adaptations of identical teenage romances, the most new of them being “The Kissing Sales space” and the “To the total boys I’ve beloved sooner than” trilogy. The pattern in it all is obtrusive, as is the similarity of the characters. Via My Window, Netflix didn’t are attempting something new with this title. It changed into as soon as as frequent as this story could additionally catch, which is on the total no longer a set up of dwelling with this genre of movies, nonetheless ‘Via My Window’ fails as a result of dearth of persona in the characters. The article is, we already know what they are enjoy. We now fill got seen it persistently sooner than, so it is never any longer always a surprise, nonetheless we aloof want to gaze it all over again so to root for them.

Doubtless it’s upright a non-public thought, nonetheless Ares changed into as soon as upright no longer brooding adequate and came all over extra enjoy somebody who wanted wait on processing his family trauma, somebody who changed into as soon as no longer a girl friend he could additionally treat badly. It might in all probability be argued that these movies need to aloof no longer be when in contrast, nonetheless isn’t that unavoidable given that they haven’t even tried to instruct a odd story with different characters and fill merely thrown all of the tropes on the show disguise one after the other?

Our upright thought is that “Via My Window” might want to fill ended with Ares in the well being facility, with the remainder of their dart left for a sequel. That could maybe had been a wiser resolution. While the movie changed into as soon as no longer unwatchable, the ending, with its rushed nature, changed into as soon as in actual fact the worst section of it. It changed into as soon as a tragic botch-up of a story that by no intention goes out of fashion. That being acknowledged, we would be on the lookout for additional movies with identical tropes and with any luck better execution.

‘Via My Window’ is a 2022 Spanish Romantic Drama movie directed by Marçal Forés. It’s streaming on Netflix.

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