Time to lose everything you touch .. Simbu who put the punch

Lingusamy, who rose to fame as a director in Tamil cinema, last directed the movie Sandaikozhi 2. He has not directed any film after that and is currently directing a film in Telugu after a long hiatus.

There he is directing the movie The Warrior with actor Ram Bodineni. For the time being, Lingusamy, who has jumped to the Telugu side to say no to Tamil, is making this film huge.

He has asked actor Simbu for a favor for this film. Simbu has also given him that help as a filmmaker. I mean Lingusamy is so eager to have a song in Simbu’s voice in this film.

So he asked Simbu if your voice was the key to the song. Simbu is awkward singing the song that he will not even do this for his brother. The song came out better than expected.

The song has already become a hit, to the point of making almost everyone cringe. Ram Bodhineni has a wonderful dance to the song in Simbu’s voice.

Expectations are high for the film as it already stars many stars including Keerthi Shetty, Adi and Nadia. In this situation, the expectation among the fans has increased a bit as Simbu is also singing a boxing song.

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