Too Hot to Handle Season 1 Winners: Where Are They Now?


Several dating and relationship-based reality shows focus on building a connection between two people, but ‘Too Hot to Handle’ stands out as it takes a different approach. Attractive single men and women spend about ten weeks in a luxury villa to win a prize of $100,000 collectively. The deal is that they cannot kiss or engage in any sexual activity. If they do, the participants could risk reducing the money in the prize pot or even be eliminated.

The inaugural season of the dating reality show featured fourteen contestants, of which ten went on to go past the finish line and were declared winners. It has been almost a year since season 1 landed on Netflix. Naturally, you must be curious to know where the winners of the first season are today. Well, here’s everything we have found!

Bryce Hirschberg

Although Bryce entered the show a few days after the other contestants, he made a mark with his musical talents. After the wrap-up of filming, he briefly dated his castmate Nicole O’Brien but the two reportedly went their separate ways in May 2020. After his appearance on the reality series, Bryce has focused all his time and energy on his musical career. He is based in Los Angeles and has been making music independently under the name Bryc. The reality star also earns from paid sponsorships on social media.

Chloe Veitch

Chloe is the youngest winner of season 1. Although she did not find the relationship she was looking for, the series opened up new avenues for her. Chloe is a model and uses her social media reach to promote various brands. The British beauty also runs her own YouTube channel and went on to participate in the second season of ‘The Circle USA,’ where she finished as the runner-up. Recently, she has bagged a deal with Netflix to present ‘Too Hot to Handle: Extra Hot,’ with co-stars Nicole and David. Chloe also continues to support her father’s organization Stand Recovery Centre, which helps people recover from addiction.

David Birtwistle

After appearing on the reality series, David has continued his career in health and fitness. He started his online fitness coaching program called Endeavour Life and actively promotes EHPlabs, a line of health supplements. In addition, David supposedly hosted a wellness retreat in Mykonos called Helios Retreats and has been traveling to different parts of the world. He also joined Chloe and Nicole to host the ‘Too Hot to Handle: Extra Hot,’ where they discuss the cast for season 2.

Francesca Farago

Francesca and Harry made headlines in the show’s first season as they seemed unable to keep their hands off of each other. However, their relationship did not last long. Now, Francesca is riding the wave of fame as she boasts over 5 million followers on Instagram and more than 300,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she talks about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Francesca also owns her line of sustainable swimwear called Farago The Label and brings her A-game as a social media influencer.

Harry Jowsey

Apart from the post-show drama with Francesca, Harry has been keeping quite busy. He has been promoting brands like boohooMAN and FashionNovaMEN; he also set up an online store called Naughty Possum. In early March 2021, the Australian native started his podcast ‘Tap In w/ Harry Jowsey.’ His YouTube channel Just Harry Now has more than 300,000 subscribers. After ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ he also went on to appear on the MTV series ‘Match Me If You Can.’

Kelechi Dyke AKA Kelz

After appearing on the show, Kelz has continued his career as a professional athlete. He is based in London, where he plays American football for London Warriors. He worked as a Senior Consultant with a staffing and recruiting firm, Proclinical Staffing, for more than two and a half years before quitting the job in February 2021. Kelz uses his social media presence to promote brands such as The E-Scooter Co. and FashionNovaMEN. It has also been speculated that the reality television personality and sportsperson joined another reality show, although he has not confirmed these reports.

Lydia Clyma

Sources have revealed that Lydia Clyma currently works as a television and social media presenter. She models for various brands and uses her social media following to promote them. Some of these brands are Lounge Underwear, FashionNova, ProteinWorld, and BondiBoost. In October 2020, she underwent a meniscus transplant as she has lived with chronic knee pain from a very young age.

Prior to the transplant, Lydia suffered three meniscal tears and had to go through multiple surgical repairs. However, since then, the reality star seems to have recovered well and has been traveling. When she joined the show, many people were not aware that she is a mother to a little boy named Isaiah. Lydia admitted that she chose to keep her son out of the public glare because she is protective of him. But from time to time, she does share adorable pictures with her little one.

Nicole O’Brien

Nicole and Bryce started a relationship but parted ways in the first half of 2020. Like her ex, she too began pursuing her dreams in music and released her first single, “Irish Eyes,” in March 2021. Nicole regularly partners with brands on her social media and runs her YouTube channel that is geared to fashion and beauty. In October 2020, she announced a project called Lovd, which is designed to develop self-acceptance and confidence among individuals. In May 2021, Nicole got together with David and close friend Chloe to present ‘Too Hot to Handle: Extra Hot.’

Rhonda Paul

Rhonda seems to be doing well with the balancing act as a model and a single mother to her son, Amari. She prides herself as an entrepreneur and reportedly owns a jewelry line called PureluXX and an eyewear brand called Beaute by Rhonda. Additionally, she promotes various brands ranging from clothing, makeup, skincare products, and even dating apps. When she started dating Sharron Townsend, it seemed like she met the one. However, the co-stars are not romantically together anymore but remain friendly.

Sharron Townsend

Sharron is primarily an actor and model, who you may recognize from ‘Creed II’ and the music videos “Shea Butter Baby” by Ari Lennox featuring J. Cole and “Why” by Angelica Vila featuring Jaquees. He also works as a personal trainer and wrestling coach. Sharron believes in giving back to the community and set up an initiative called the “Today I Smiled Project,” which promotes random acts of kindness. A portion of revenue from his line of merchandise, Sharron Townsend Merch, goes to Urban Promise, a local not-for-profit organization that works with the youth in Camden, New Jersey. After filming, he has remained in touch with castmates Matthew Smith AKA Jesus and Bryce Hirschberg.

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