Top 2 Favorite South Indian Movies at the Box Office .. Backward Bollywood Movie

The recent release of KGF2 has surpassed the highest grossing films ever made in India. Last month, KGF 2, a Kannada film directed by Prasanth Neil and starring Rocking Star Yash, was dubbed into Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam and released as a Pan India film.

The film tops the charts in Hindi over other languages. KGF2 is expected to cross Rs 400 crore by this weekend, while it has so far collected Rs 370 crore in Hindi alone.

Bhagwati 2, a 2017 Telugu film directed by Rajamouli and starring Prabhas, has already grossed Rs 510 crore, the highest grossing Hindi film in India.

It was followed by the second highest grossing Hindi film of 387 crores, Dungal, a 2016 film starring Aamir Khan and directed by Nitesh Tiwari. Currently, the film has overtaken the Kannada film KGF 2 in the second place just a few days after its release.

The occupation of South Indian films to keep Bollywood films from taking the top two spots at the box office is a healthy competition and keeps the screen industry looking back at the next phase of cinema’s development.

Besides, the official information has come out that the Kannada movie KGF2 will definitely cross the 100 crore mark in Tamil Nadu within this week. To that extent KGF2 movie is flying the flag all over the world as an all-rounder and is conducting its collection hunt.

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