Top 20 Best Korean Dramas of All Time – No Spoilers


Plenty of the simplest Korean dramas of all time are in actuality gaining recognition all all over the enviornment. Streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu have confidence one of the most best Korean dramas of all time. These Korean dramas are key in shaping the Hally (Korean wave) pattern in vogue, custom, and high-tail locations. Korean custom has been spreading worldwide because of Korean webtoons, K-pop and K-dramas. The vow material is immense for all audiences as most are G-rated, while on the identical time having a really shiny solid. While I surely have confidence viewed a big desire of K-dramas, I surely have confidence taken it into overdrive in 2021 because of COVID-19. I’ve watched older Korean dramas that I surely have confidence neglected nevertheless total I’ll well maybe command I surely have confidence viewed the predominant ones. Here’s why I obvious to construct this list.

While my sort in vow material might well maybe additionally vary from others I’ll well maybe you a sample of my sort within the US reveals so that you are going to be in a self-discipline to ogle what form of vogue I purchase. Some of my favorite US comedy sequence consist of Seinfeld, Friends, the Arena of job, Brooklyn 9-9, Curb Your Enthusiasm, It’s Repeatedly Sunny in Philadelphia, How I Met Your Mother and Master of None. While for dramas, my favorites consist of Breaking Disagreeable, Sport of Thrones, Ozark, Fleabag, and The Wire. Now that you perceive my sort, I’ve listed beneath my top 20 favorite Korean dramas of all time. At the same time as you happen to have confidence any solutions please let me know and I will explore it. If it doesn’t hook me in within the first 3 episodes I will switch on.

Goblin: The Lonely and Gigantic God – Most fine Korean Dramas – Delusion

Goblin is set a most modern-day goblin who no longer wants to are living as an immortal. In picture to halt being immortal, he wants to marry a human. He soon encounters a grim reaper who is unable to preserve in mind his past. After the goblin meets his bride, he realizes he wants to are living and be along with her. The tales span centuries and enact a immense job of organising whole mythologies around every persona. It also has the best Korean drama soundtrack of all time.

Episodes: 16

Genre: Delusion, Romance

Right Lady Bong Rapidly – Most fine Korean Dramas – Romantic Comedy

The yarn is set Bong Rapidly who used to be born with superhuman strength. Her strength has been passed down to handiest the ladies in her family. She is succesful of beat up bullies on the avenue utilizing her powers. One day Min-Hyuk a CEO of a video game company offers Bong Boon a high-paying job as his bodyguard. He even offers her a probability to work with the gaming division at his company.

Episodes: 16

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama

Crash Touchdown on You – Most fine Korean Dramas – Drama

Here’s a most modern coast on Romeo and Juliet. It’s a ways set a South Korean billionaire and CEO who meets a North Korean Special Forces Unit Captain when she “atomize” lands in North Korea after getting caught in a typhoon as she used to be paragliding. There are many twists and turns for the length of the drama as they commence to descend in like while working a ways flung from an frightful North Korean officer.

Episodes: 16

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama

Descendants of the Sun – Most fine Korean Dramas – Action

It’s possible you’ll maybe well maybe’t bellow relating to the best Korean dramas of all time without talking about Descendants of the Sun. Descendants of the Sun is set a particular forces captain and a female doctor who descend in like while providing help in a nation that goes by a natural catastrophe and civil unrest.

Episodes: 16

Genre: Action/Romance

Boys Over Flowers

This yarn is set a working-class lady who will get inquisitive relating to the lives of a community of effectively off younger boys at her high college. The boys are known as F4. It’s a ways per the humorous sequence of the identical name by Yoko Kamio.

Episodes: 25

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Itaewon Class

Here’s a revenge yarn revolving around Park Saeroyi, a younger man who wants to have confidence basically the most fascinating food company in Korea to get revenge for his father. After spending time in prison for beating up his father’s killer (car accident), he opens a cafe in Itaewon. This drama used to be tailored from a Korean webtoon.

Episodes: 16

Genre: Drama

The Heirs

Here’s a yarn just a few boy and a girl who meet for the first time by probability in America. The boy is the heir to a extensive company while the woman is the daughter of a helper. The 2 commence living together and commence to handle that they’ve emotions for every other. Later the son has to lope motivate to South Korea and soon realizes that the woman’s mom is the helper in his family’s condominium. While the boy would no longer hide his emotions for the woman, his family is entirely against it.

Episodes: 20

Genre: Romance/Drama

What’s Scandalous with Secretary Kim

Here’s the yarn of Secretary Kim who works very laborious for her corporate Vice President. One day she declares she can seemingly be quitting. The Vice President is perplexed by this and the two have to formulation to phrases with their unspoken emotions for every other.

Episodes: 16

Genre: Romantic Comedy

My Admire from One more Big name

This yarn starts off with an alien craft landing on earth for the length of the Joseon Dynasty. 400 years later, an alien who appears like a human has no longer dilapidated a day since living on earth. He is now a dazzling professor in Korea and has handiest one just appropriate friend who knows he is an alien. He soon meets his next-door neighbor who is a struggling actress who he falls for. It also stars one of many best possible-paid Korean female actresses of all time in Jun Ji-yeon.

Episodes: 21

Here’s an adaptation of a webcomic by the identical name.

Genre: Romance/Delusion/Drama/Science-Fiction


Here’s the best possible Korean underdog yarn just a few attorney who comes motivate to South Korea and joins a law agency that takes on a extremely fine company. Vincenzo is a consigliere for the Italian mafia which intention he’ll be interested by quite lots of hand-to-hand and even gun strive against. On the other hand, his appropriate skill is his mind and wit which will blueprint in at hand when going by some high ranking price other individuals. Those who like Korean gangster storylines with a stamp of comedy will like Vincenzo.

Episodes: 20

Genre: Murky Comedy

W: Two Worlds

The yarn is set an author of a really in vogue webtoon known as W who goes missing. No one knows the place he has long gone. His daughter tries to search out him from clues in his room. A bloody hand grabs her and the next thing she knows she is on the rooftop of a constructing next to a man with stab wounds. She then goes motivate to the accurate world with a brand new episode of W launched exhibiting what came about along with her on the rooftop. Here’s when she realizes she used to be within the webtoon!

Episodes: 16

Genre: Delusion/Romance/Suspense


Here’s a yarn just a few man named Joong Ho now and again called Healer. Healer is the best evening courier on the city. He is intensely knowledgeable at fending off CCTV cameras and sneaking around constructions. Joong Ho is employed to get rid of and produce objects ordered by effectively off purchasers. He soon meets a girl that is connected to the loss of life of his father.

Episodes: 20

Genre: Action/Romance/Drama


Here’s a yarn just a few man who turns into a reporter to indicate the industry as being injurious and a girl who has Pinocchio Syndrome. Pinocchio Syndrome makes it unattainable for her to lie without needing the hiccups. She is also a reporter and the two cessation up changing into chums and more.

Episodes: 20

Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy

Secret Backyard

The yarn is set a effectively off boy (CEO) that falls in like with a heart-broken lady (Stunt lady). The CEO is intensely conceited and lives the excellent existence nevertheless has temporary memory loss. The Stunt lady has no surviving family as each and every her fogeys have confidence died. They meet by probability and the CEO ends up falling for her. They later cessation up getting misplaced in a forest the place they encounter a cafe known as Secret Backyard the place they cessation up ingesting magical alcohol which makes them switch bodies.

Episodes: 20

Genre: Romance/Comedy

SKY Castle

At the same time as you happen to love Sad comedy dramas you are going to love SKY Castle. It’s a ways set four effectively off families with solid tutorial backgrounds. The moms are pondering about getting their younger of us into the top universities in South Korea. The very best possible design is to get them into Seoul Nationwide College (The Harvard of Korea).

Episodes: 20

Genre: Drama

It’s Okay to No longer be Okay

Here’s a yarn just a few caregiver of a psychiatric health center who would no longer would favor to pursue like.  He has to dangle care of his older brother who has autism. There is also a smartly-known fairy yarn author who has an antisocial persona disorder. They have to ranking their own past and abet every other heal emotionally and mentally.

Episodes: 16

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Delusion

Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine is set a slave for the length of the Joseon dynasty who escapes to the US in 1871. He turns into a U.S. marine officer and returns to Joseon for a mission. There he ends up falling in like with an aristocrat’s granddaughter. Their like is challenged because of their varied lessons and other characters attracted to the granddaughter.

Episodes: 24

Genre: Interval/Romance/Drama

Resort Del Luna

Those who’re keen on K-pop idol IU will like Resort Del Luna. The yarn is set IU’s persona who is the proprietor of Resort Del Luna. It’s a ways a hotel for ghosts who have confidence just no longer too prolonged within the past died. She has to speed it for eternity because of her past sins for the length of her warrior years. Her hotel supervisor is a human who runs the hotel with other ghosts. They all have to make sure that their traffic feel chuffed. The hotel supervisor wants to stop so IU wants to search out one other supervisor quickly. Here’s when she meets Goo Chan Sung who ends up becoming a member of the workers.

Episodes: 16

Genre: Delusion/Romance/Interval

While You Were Drowsing

Those who like appropriate dramas will like While You Were Drowsing. It’s a ways a yarn relating to the lives of three characters. A restaurant employee, a rookie attorney, and a police officer. The restaurant employee has been having out of the ordinary targets from a younger age about future events. Rapidly she meets the attorney and police offers and realizes that they all have confidence identical targets of future events. How are they connected? They have to work together to search out out the reason for their abilities.

Episodes: 32

Genre: Delusion/Romance

Murder Me, Heal Me

One one of the best Korean dramas of all time that no longer rather quite lots of of us know about is Murder Me, Heal Me. Here’s a yarn just a few effectively off businessman who suffers from more than one persona issues after going by some annoying events. He goes to a psychiatric resident and asks for her abet in treating his psychological illness. Imagine the movie Split nevertheless less darkish. Since he has a mountainous company to speed, he wants to be careful to no longer let his secret blueprint out. The personalities might well maybe additionally get somewhat distracting nevertheless there are masses of silly moments (one of his personalities is a 17-yr dilapidated female K-pop fanatic).

Episodes: 20

Genre: Romantic Comedy

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