Top 20 Gothic Horror Movies

The 20 best gothic horror movies in cinema history.

The gothic horror genre (also called gothic fiction), which has long dominated cinema and literature, began with the 1764 book “The Castle of Otranto” by Horace Walpole, later called “A Gothic Story”, and reached its golden age in literature in the 19th century. He lived with the masterpieces of iconic writers such as Mary Shelly, Edgar Allen Poe, ETA Hoffman, Charles Dickens.

In the following years, both these gothic horror works were adapted for the cinema, and many original ideas and reimaginings of classic horror works rekindled the spark of this genre.

Gothic horror often combines romance and horror. While some gothic horror movies have monsters, gothic movies more commonly feature a heroine, a mansion such as a “haunted mansion”, themes of repressed sexuality, supernatural events and tragedy, and excellent production design and impressive costumes.

When we look at the history of cinema, we can see that gothic horror films were shot in every period. By compiling the best 20 of these films, we wanted to create a roadmap for cinema lovers who want to dive into the world of gothic horror films. Although not every movie on our list is a complete horror movie, they are classic movies that gothic movie lovers must watch. Let’s take a look at gothic horror movies from the 1930s to the present day…

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