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Top 50 Best Jujutsu Kaisen Characters


Jujutsu Kaisen. No shaggy dog fable, I’m penning this text down and correct bought the knowledge that Jujutsu Kaisen Season 3 is planned to unencumber by 2023.

That’s pretty spectacular. So I deem with this smart recordsdata on display cloak on the present time, this is able to possibly possibly possibly be a valid realizing to keep a peep encourage on the fashioned sequence.

You understand, correct to run encourage and take a look at out to worship what this sequence had to provide.

And for this text, I deem build that can possibly possibly possibly even be by listing down the categorical characters.

Yup, this is the High 50 Absolute best Jujutsu Kaisen Characters. I do know you fancy them and we have pretty just a few them so let’s extinguish no time.

So clutch your favourite snack, lay down in your couch and let’s dive deep into this world of curses.

I hope you relish it.

1. Gojou Satoru


Nicely. No shock. No shock at all! Girls and Gents, this modified into certain to happen.

Gojou Satoru is the one who made the repeat run from Unparalleled to 10/10 Masterpiece Height Fiction.

It modified into his hilarious and overpowered nature that introduced the consideration of followers across the globe to learn about this repeat.

And I deem that this is able to possibly possibly possibly happen time and yet again yet again. Alternatively, unlike various overpowered characters, he had a colossal fable and premise on the encourage of his excellence that will be sorted later on in the sequence.

All in all, his presence on the first cease is successfully rate it.

2. Itadori Yuuji


Itadori Yuuji is one among essentially the most involving protagonists in latest times. While various characters are making an strive to pave their contrivance to practice more sturdy, assemble stronger, and be better, Itadori is paving his contrivance to make a choice the next repeat for the binge.

After all, Yuuji needs that for coaching. Either plot, I like his persona loads.

A guy who introduces himself along with his lady form with out a doubt deserves our appreciation. And that’s the motive this man is standing here.

We now have so plot more to peep from him and we will be observing for it.

I will furthermore be observing for seeing how overpowered he gets.

3. Kugisaki Nobara


I deem we have all heard relating to the Jujutsu Kaisen and Naruto analogy shapely? You understand, at any time after I be wide awake of that analogy, I salvage it hilarious.

Why? Because Nobara and Sakura have nothing in usual. While Sakura usual to have a disrespectful attitude in direction of someone with the exception of Sasuke, Nobara has dignity and pride in her efforts.

She is advantageous to everyone she is with in the occasion that they treat her successfully. Plus, unlike Sakura, Nobara has pretty just a few skills to be assured about.

So in the righteous plan of things, Nobara is correct so plot more of a persona than we can take into consideration.

4. Fushiguro Megumi


I feel admire Fushigoro needs more time. To be shapely, I feel admire every persona needs more time but Fushigoro particularly has loads to provide.

I imply, Sukuna correct would now not clutch any random one shapely? He had admire for him from just a few meetings and people had been sufficient to hint us how valid Megumi is.

Gorgeous now, he would now not appear all that outstanding. Alternatively, because the sequence progresses, we can sight some spectacular performances for him.

His Jujutsu skills are about to Skyrocket and pretty just a few his previous is yet to be published.

Let’s wait and sight!

5. Ryoumen Sukuna


Sukuna is a badass. An absolute badass. He is admire a villain who infrequently turns correct into a hero.

I imply, while you happen to suspect about it, Ryoumen Sukuna is the big daddy of the repeat.

It be thanks to him that Yuuji is in a pivotal plan. And most importantly, he can fancy you out of your coronary heart.

Literally. So yeah, this villain is pretty a involving one to say so. I wish to peep where the sequence will run along with Sukuna being internal of our fundamental persona.

A shut relationship I need to say. And that’s the motive Ryoumen Sukuna is here at this plan on our checklist.

6. Nanami Kento


Daddy! I need to say he’s pretty a mess shapely? I imply, who else would possibly possibly well possibly possibly be rate all this effort of Simping!

Nanami is admire a balance for the repeat. While we have Gojo as a relaxing and outgoing persona who will likely be admired by everyone, we furthermore have Nanami who acts because the big extreme guy figure on the sequence.

And this makes the problem so plot more likable. I received’t lie, at any time when Nanami is allotment of a fight, it gets so great better.

As that is why this guy is liked so great by the anime neighborhood.

7. Inumaki Toge


Inumaki is doubtlessly my favourite student out of all in the sequence. And this is thanks to how involving his theory is.

I imply, who needs limbs, he can smash you along with his words. First up, his build is terribly sexy and devices the mood for his persona very successfully.

And if we focus on his skills, those are unbelievable as successfully. He uses Cursed Speech so if he mentioned that you just’ll need to tranquil run and die, you are going to die.

Obviously, there are second components fascinated with these. Alternatively, in the righteous plan of things, Inumaki and his cursed speech are very frigid.

And as well they furthermore have pretty just a few seemingly to flourish in the slay.

8. Zenin Maki


Maki is the Waifu for all folks who wish to assemble dominated. I imply correct peep at her.

She is so tranquil and composed whereas furthermore being sturdy and onerous working. Jujutsu Kaisen ensures that its characters have values, especially females.

And that can also be proved with the encourage of Zenin Maki. She is correct so charming in a implies that we can’t even relate all of it that successfully.

She is correct so various out of your total females we have seen to this point. And that’s why her persona acts as a refreshment for somebody and everyone who is fresh to the Jujutsu Kaisen anime.

That’s why she is here.

9. Toudou Aoi


Now before we focus on him, I would prefer you to image your form of Lady.

Yes, supreme then will you be popular to chat about this man shapely here. Toudou is this form of beast in phrases of combating.

And now not correct hand-to-hand fights, he’s furthermore amazing in Jujutsu keep watch over and overall energy.

As a persona who is supposed to change into overpowered very quickly, Toudou is pretty a valid one.

Alternatively, I hope you know your obstacles. After all, if your lady choice is dull, you will be a field of some valid beating.

And belief me, you received’t creep from it at all.

10. Getou Suguru


Getou is pretty a involving persona while you happen to quiz me. He is now not supreme an antagonist but furthermore a colossal sturdy beast who correct can’t be managed if left untouched.

In the sequence, we haven’t seen him build one thing extravagant. Alternatively, at any time when he tries to run against Gojo, he does it with all his passion and coronary heart.

Getou is a man who needs to relax along with his idea route of. Alternatively, if we peep at things from his point of view, things will initiating to change into advantageous.

Let’s sight what this outdated skool man has to construct to our fundamental forged because the fable progresses.

So sufficient, this is able to possibly possibly possibly assemble pretty involving.

11. Panda


Support after I first started Jujutsu Kaisen, there modified into supreme one persona I modified into eager for essentially the most.

He modified into Panda. Why? Because I liked the premise of a Panda persona. Severely, Panda modified into the persona I modified into most pondering after I watched the gap.

Alternatively, because the repeat stepped forward and he did repeat up, I need to say it modified into a puny disappointing.

I believed him to be some overpowered beast but he become out to be pretty a humble student.

But hi there, that is why he’s a Panda and now not a have, shapely? So yeah, I’d you don’t fancy this persona, you would prefer some reconsideration.

12. Mahito


Mahito rings a bell in my memory pretty just a few Tomura Shigaraki. He is a man whose solutions aren’t yet depicted well in the sequence.

His fight with Nanami modified into unbelievable and so had been his attempts to smash our fundamental gang.

I wish to peep what this villain has to provide in this sequence. Soon sufficient, the note of the repeat will keep some extreme turns.

And this is able to possibly possibly possibly be for the duration of these turns that we can assemble to peep essentially the most refined version of Mahito.

That’s who he’s. A man with courage and energy but furthermore admiration for unsuitable.

And I deem that is the motive he deserves this plan on the checklist. Let’s hope he gets even better.

13. Miwa Kasumi


No longer like most Jujutsu Kaisen characters, Miwa is a puny infantile. By skills, she is now not extra special and he or she accepts it herself.

Moreover, she is pretty stunning when she begins to relish Gojo in the sequence. And that’s a plus in her case.

I feel that Jujutsu Kaisen is getting a puny clogged up with all these extreme, hardcore characters going all their contrivance to plan off havoc.

Alternatively, with characters admire Miwa, we assemble to have a various model here and there.

And that’s refreshing while you happen to quiz me. So while you happen to’re any individual whose Waifu is Miwa, I wish you, valid success man.

I hope your dream comes valid.

14. Chousou


A form of you received’t acknowledge this persona correct yet. Alternatively, quickly sufficient, when the next season shows up, the problem will trade for obvious.

He is one among the supporting antagonists in the repeat. And whereas I will be able to’t repeat what he does in the sequence, I’m able to say you about his appearance.

He is pretty admire Fushigoro in phrases of hairstyle and overall stunning. Alternatively, his appearance is more on the devil aspect of things.

Plus, he looks admire he has been thru loads that manner that he’s a being with skills and records.

Both of that are going to be the game-changer with out slay. That’s why I made a decision to place him here.

15. Yoshino Junpei


Junpei is a unhappy fable. A fable of a man who modified into accomplished with the cruelty of this world and couldn’t have it anymore.

He modified into it! He modified into the first one to particular how darkish and wicked Jujutsu Kaisen can assemble with its fable.

Alternatively, he modified into supreme the starting keep. Soon sufficient, we will be seeing plot more monstrous and heartbreaking things happen in the sequence as time passes by.

And that’s the motive I admire him so great. His persona modified into a model for the vogue Jujutsu Kaisen will shake the Shonen Genre.

And that’s pretty a fundamental contribution while you happen to quiz me

16. Iori Utahime


Iori is this form of ridiculous persona, man. I correct fancy seeing her assemble frustrated with Gojo’s actions.

That’s a colossal twist that acts as a refreshment in the sequence. Gorgeous now, Iori is now not all that contributive.

Alternatively, whatever is going down in the background with out a doubt is below her consideration. And all of that can quickly surface.

When that surface shows up, enlighten, the repeat will trade its route. And who will likely be a fundamental allotment of that to happen?

Iori Utahime. So yeah, we can all agree and worship this lady and her quirky nature with our hearts.

17. Zenin Mai


The Zenin household is admire the Uchiha household of the sequence. I do know I mentioned that I salvage the Jujutsu Kaisen and Naruto analogy hilarious.

Alternatively, in this case, it works to just a few level. Both these households have pretty just a few secrets and tactics and issue material to provide.

And the indisputable truth that Maki and Mai are sisters though they’re pretty reverse to every various is one such advise.

Zenin Mai particularly is a puny more on the low aspect of things. She tries to decrease down all those against her including her relish sister.

Alternatively, need to you peep on the sector from her point of view, you are going to ticket that the categorical advise is her insecurity.

And that’s pretty involving on its relish.

18. Mei Mei


Mei Mei is THE Waifu of the repeat for me. She is correct so hot that I will be able to’t encourage but give her the categorical lady award at once.

Gorgeous now, her persona is confirmed to be a woman with pretty just a few admiration for money.

Alternatively, because the sequence will growth, we can sight plot more from her. And I deem that her Crimson attire is what steals the repeat for somebody and everyone who watches it.

After all, she is correct so sexy and learn about-catching that followers can’t encourage loving her.

But this is able to possibly possibly possibly be colossal to peep her make contributions more to the general fable which would possibly possibly well possibly possibly happen in the slay in the repeat.

19. Ieiri Shouko


Shouko is the doctor from the sequence who aided Itadori whereas he modified into sick. And this doctor is pretty an shiny one in phrases of curses and your total peep relating to them.

In the righteous plan of things, she is correct admire every various persona in Jujutsu Kaisen.

She is a puny strict on the exterior but need to you employ a whereas with her, she would possibly possibly well possibly keep to begin up.

And that’s why other folks constantly peep at her with admire and admiration. And I deem she will be able to quickly be doing plot more as a supporting persona in this sequence.

So let’s sight how it goes.

20. Kamo Noritoshi


Kamo is one other involving persona from this sequence. I imply take into consideration taking pictures arrows with closed eyes.

That’s some avengers stage skill. Moreover, he’s furthermore very akin to Geto in phrases of looks and appearance.

And that’s why Kamo is a puny overshadowed in the repeat by hook or by crook or one other.

Alternatively, correct admire every various persona in the sequence, he has a ton of room to improvise and assemble better along with his contribution to the general fable and fable.

And that’s why Kamo is here on this checklist. I hope she does more in the later seasons.

21. Muta Koukichi


Muta Koukichi is customarily known as Mechamaru in this sequence. And I have in solutions encourage in the day, I usual to fancy the fight of Panda vs Mechamaru thanks to how shut it modified into to truth.

As it modified into furthermore for the duration of that time that we realized about Muta. He is one among the Chimeras fabricated from Curses.

Panda is furthermore a Chimera fabricated from curses and so, the duo that modified into latest here modified into pretty involving.

Moreover, because the repeat stepped forward, things began to assemble involving as we bought to peep his fashioned body and his valid nature.

Let’s sight what he’ll be in the next season.

22. Hanami


Hanami modified into one among essentially the most exciting curses when he first seemed. In the starting keep, it modified into his provoking and creepy build that made him stand out so great.

Alternatively, because the repeat went on, his skills and combating prowess furthermore shined and enlighten, we had a colossal villain for us.

Although our fundamental forged took care of him, he lasted pretty loads when he modified into on the battlefield.

Plus, he can return any moment in the sequence so we don’t need to fear great about it either.

All in all, a colossal monster for this horrible sequence.

23. Jougo


Jougo modified into the one who gave us one among essentially the most consuming fights in your total sequence.

Pointless to say, it modified into the amazing Gojo vs Jougo fight. I will likely be shapely, I had excessive hopes for Jougo in conserving with all his claims relating to his energy.

And whereas, they would have worked correct as claimed if he wasn’t against this man shapely here, Gojo Satoru.

Either plot, as a villain, Jougo had an gripping smile and manner of speaking which emitted the unsuitable guy vibes.

And that eventually helped us to worship the context of this persona even more.

24. Nishimiya Momo


She rings a bell in my memory of a witch. Don’t request it. Anyway, Momo is one among the aspect characters in the sequence and is furthermore one among the students in the repeat.

The motive she is here is thanks to her actions in the fight of every classes.

That modified into pretty one thing for obvious. On the exterior, she is correct pretty lady but when confronted with menace, she will be able to be able to painting some beautiful skills that can assemble you her fan.

All in all, a valid theory for a persona. I deem she would have appreciable room later on in the sequence to Florida.

25. Tsukumo Yuki


She is a blinding lady from the sequence who is yet to repeat her excellence.

She is shut to making her appearance. Alternatively, there’s so plot more she will be able to be able to provide that I will be able to’t say you about correct yet.

I imply, I do know that you just received’t admire the premise of me spoiling you for the next season, shapely?

So yeah, while you happen to must clutch what this sexy lady will build in the next season, correct look forward to it.

And except then, worship the beautiful build that can assemble any anime fan drop for her, at once.

That’s why she is so colossal for the checklist to have. A lady of tremendous.

26. Ijichi Kiyotaka


I fancy this guy in the repeat. He is on the pinnacle of being a supporting persona.

Alternatively, what makes him so particular is the indisputable truth that he’s on the encourage of pretty just a few activities in the realm of curses.

Love severely, pretty just a few activities keep plan thanks to him and below his presence.

And whereas advantageous, he’s one among the aspect people in the repeat. Alternatively, he has plot more to provide and so we can look forward to now.

Soon sufficient, this seemingly easy human will repeat you what he can build from the aspect.

That’s why he deserves to be here on this checklist.

27. Nitta Akari


Nitta is correct admire Ijichi. She would now not work on the front lines but capabilities from the encourage and assists your total various things.

She is one among the managers of the sequence so you would possibly possibly well possibly possibly possibly say that she will be able to likely be priceless one plot or one other.

And that’s why she is here. Up except now, she hasn’t accomplished one thing insane and her supreme principal feat modified into the one case she modified into specializing in.

Alternatively, I deem that she has pretty just a few seemingly that can also be explored later on in the sequence.

That’s why I placed Nitta Akari on this checklist.

28. Yaga Masamichi


Man. He is a Macho Man. Yaga modified into the headmaster of the Jujutsu Tech Excessive College which stands in Tokyo.

And this is the one who is accountable for Panda. He is one among the supporting characters in the sequence so we need to now not have pretty just a few recordsdata about him.

Alternatively, as of now, we build know that he has a powerful previous that can also be utilized later in the sequence.

So all in all, he’s a colossal persona for us to worship. Alternatively, I will say this.

His build is sexy frigid. That manly appearance clearly makes him peep more admirable.

29. Yoshino Nagi


A contented soul modified into seen below the skin of Yoshino Nagi. She modified into Junpei’s mother who misplaced her existence thanks to curses.

And that modified into a valid, monstrous incident that occurred. It modified into one other occasion that instructed us relating to the cruel nature of this sequence.

And rapidly sufficient, we ticket that this repeat is correct one thing else. While Nagi modified into on display cloak, things had been constantly quiet and optimistic.

Alternatively, the moment she goes down, the sequence takes an ideal darker turn. And that’s why she is here on this checklist.

May possibly well her soul, rest in peace.

30. Fushiguro Tsumiki


Tsumiki is Megumi’s sister. I imply, if it wasn’t advantageous from the title, it is official.

Now the object with Fushiguro Tsumiki is that we haven’t seen loads from her yet.

She is principal to the repeat and that is evident. Alternatively, as a persona, she hasn’t been fleshed out yet.

Issues need to tranquil assemble better in the upcoming season. And I do know I’m asserting this for pretty just a few characters in the repeat.

Alternatively, she seems admire any individual who knows loads and would possibly possibly well possibly possibly be detrimental for the Fushigoro household in the upcoming installment of the sequence.

31. Gakuganji Yoshinobu


Old Man with a swag of his relish. That’s how I would characterize Gakuganji Yoshinobu.

He is the outdated skool man of the sequence. You understand, the outdated skool persona who has pretty just a few recordsdata relating to the previous and pretty just a few vitality in his fingers?

Yeah, that is who this guy is. And I need to say, he’s pretty a powerful particular person with that admire.

Can need to you would possibly possibly possibly have gotten watched the sequence, you are going to clutch that the Jujutsu Sorcerers appear to have some matters to resolve amongst themselves.

And this guy would possibly possibly well possibly correct be the game-changer for all of that. Let’s hope we salvage it out.

32. Ino Takuma


Ino Takuma is one among the aspect characters in the sequence who hasn’t made a valid appearance yet.

Alternatively, let’s correct say that he’s tranquil pretty a involving man. Can need to you peep at his attire, it resembles that of a thief.

And while you happen to peep at his persona, it is reasonably uncommon. Combine every these traits and you would possibly possibly well possibly possibly possibly have gotten a man who is sexy outstanding in his relish plot.

The unlit hat that he wears is his signature and that enables us to say aside him successfully sufficient.

No longer great is seen from him to this point but I’m hoping for some colossal action quickly from his slay.

33. Sasaki


We couldn’t assemble more of her. That is the worst allotment. Alternatively, she lit the fireside in our boy which made him who he’s now.

Sasaki is a member of the membership Itadori modified into planning to affix. Alternatively, shapely after he did, Sasaki modified into taken in by Curses.

She modified into pretty an stunning persona and her presence in the first few episodes laid the foundation for what happens next in the sequence.

That’s who Sasaki is. And that’s why she deserves to be in this plan on this checklist.

34. Uraume


Uraume is one among the antagonists of the repeat. This reasonably strange curse user has now not seemed great in the sequence yet.

Alternatively, it is alleged that he’ll assemble plot more appearances in the reach future.

As of now, we supreme have his build. And that build makes him so plot more human than a villain.

But hi there, or now not it is Jujutsu Kaisen. Anything can run wicked here. So all in all, a colossal potent persona who needs more time to flourish and assemble better.

Let’s sight how things figure out for this villain.

35. Itou Shouta


Yup. He is the one. He is the one who triggered Junpei to be as heartless as he become.

His title is Itou Shouta. And we can’t fail to spot him. His appearance would possibly possibly well possibly resemble that of a favored successful student.

Alternatively, the ground truth is that he’s an absolute bully. All he does is pressurize the aged and assemble them have.

That’s who he’s, that is how great other folks despise him. And that’s why he’s pretty an improbable persona.

The means to compose despise for him is unbelievable. Deserves to be on the latest plan.

36. Kechizu


Kechizu. He is that green monster that our personnel fought in the closing episode. That is the monster who created your total havoc for the duration of that arc.

Alternatively, it modified into lucky for us that Kechizu modified into sorted by our fundamental forged.

And at the same time as a curse, his appearance is pretty horrific. Which is why I liked to plan him at this plan.

He makes the viewers depressed along with his presence and that is the reason what curses are all about.

Therefore, while you happen to’re partial to curses, you would possibly possibly well possibly possibly possibly strive to take a look at up on this one.

Appropriate for research purposes if truth be told.

37. Shigemo Haruta


Although she would possibly possibly well possibly peep admire she, she is with out a doubt a he. Yeah, that is why he’s a trap.

Haruta is one among the villains in the anime and his appearance modified into furthermore for the duration of the second half of the sequence.

I need to say, his overall peep is pretty misleading. I wager he’s the darkish version of traps in anime.

Alternatively, as a villain is sexy decent. His one assault is the categorical thing we have for reference.

And that modified into somewhat decent. So I deem that is what we can say about his persona as successfully, Quite First rate.

38. Takagi


Takagi is that darkish-skinned coach from the sequence, have in solutions? Yeah, that is who he’s. Now, there is now not great to say about him.

He modified into correct a supporting persona who made the repeat a puny better. Nothing insane but I deem his reaction modified into pretty rate it.

And as a colossal aspect persona, he somehow managed to assemble us have in solutions him. I deem that is a valid sufficient motive for me to peep as a lot as him and sight what he’ll build in the reach future.

39. Zenin Naobito


Zenin Naobita is a excessive-ranked Zenin clan member who hasn’t made any outstanding appearance in the sequence.

He modified into correct allotment of the flashback given by one among the characters. And it modified into the hardships of the Zenin clan that bought boosted thanks to this man.

He would now not have any colossal qualities in any plot. He is correct an outdated skool man with an unsuitable face.

Alternatively, a note’s on Avenue is that this man is going to be connected in the upcoming segments.

And that’s a plus for me.

40. Esou


Esou is one among the macho characters in the sequence. He is a curse. More particularly, a cursed womb.

And that’s one among the the reason why he seems to stand out so great. Now I do know what you will be wondering.

What is its grade? Nicely, he’s a various grade curse whose capabilities are pretty one thing.

The fights he has been a allotment of are constantly principal. And that’s what makes him so particular.

Plus, he looks admire a Curse as successfully so as that is one other motive for us to have a obvious learn about in direction of him.

41. Fujinuma


Fujinuma is one other aspect persona in the sequence who seemed supreme just a few times in the repeat.

She would now not seem like contributing one thing to the general fable yet. Alternatively, we would sight her return or we received’t.

But the few times she modified into on display cloak, she modified into pretty involving

42. Fujinuma’s Brother


Fujinuma’s Brother is one among the delinquents from the sequence. Appropriate admire Fujinuma, she would now not have any groundbreaking contribution to the general sequence.

But he modified into pretty silly. And that’s why I deem that he deserves this plan on our checklist.

Moreover, his appearance is pretty correct for his characteristic so as that is one other plus.

43. Iguchi


Iguchi is one among the characters from the membership Itadori modified into going to affix. Be conscious Sasaki?

Yeah, he modified into the guy from that membership. And that’s why he’s here. What occurred to him shaped the sequence and so, the anime took the turns that it did.

Moreover, his appearance is furthermore pretty becoming for his supposed depiction. All in all, a colossal persona we misplaced in the contrivance.

44. Kamo Noritoshi


Kamo Noritoshi. I’m now not speaking relating to the one we know. He is already up there.

As a replacement, he’s various. System various. He is a Shaman. And this Shaman lived somewhere 150 years prior to now.

Yup, that is pretty outdated skool. And this is now not the slay. He is furthermore mentioned to be the evilest Shaman in history.

Now that is pretty creepy. And that’s why he’s standing there on our checklist.

45. Kumiya Juuzou


Juuzou is one other villain from the repeat. He correct confirmed up whereas our boys had been having their sparring competition.

And acquired sorted by the personnel. So, in the righteous plan of things, he wasn’t all that spectacular.

Alternatively, his vogue modified into pretty involving. I imply, his conventional axe keeping and smug peep clearly meant one thing for the followers.

And that’s why they seemed as a lot as him. So unsuitable he did now not meet the impress.

46. Noritoshi’s Mother


Noritoshi’s Mother modified into correct confirmed as a learn about in the sequence. And I deem we can put a matter to just a few colossal action from Noritoshi because his mother modified into so charming.

And that’s why she is here. Let’s sight what her previous has to provide in the next season.

I will likely be looking forward to it for obvious. I ponder how amazing she would were.

47. Okazaki Chisaki


Okazaki Chisaki is the mother of Tadashi Okazaki. She would now not make contributions one thing to the repeat various than being priceless with admire to her son.

And he or she supreme had just a few frames below her belt. So as that is all about it for her.

Let’s sight if there’s one thing fresh in the next season with admire to her.

48. Okazaki Tadashi


Okazaki is one other minor persona who supreme seemed for a with out a doubt short timeframe and then modified into gone with out slay.

He modified into a criminal serving his time in the Eishu Juvenile Detention Centre. He modified into known to be careless since he modified into allotment of an accident that ended in the hurt of a woman.

And he did so with out a license. So advantageous, he’s now not the nicest particular person you are going to meet.

49. Saitama College Delinquent

No longer a gigantic shock. One other delinquent from the sequence. He modified into delivered to his stage very quickly in the sequence.

And that modified into the motive this modified into motivating. For a persona admire this, there’s is now not one thing fundamental to say.

He modified into correct a stepping stone for the valid guys to cross up. And I deem as stepping Stones, they did job.

50. Saori

Saori is Nobara’s friend. An awfully valid one with that. As of now, we need to now not have great recordsdata on her since she left the village she usual to cease in.

Alternatively, I deem we can quickly sight her return or a minimal of her dialogue yet again.

Being a friend of the first characters is going to be valuable in one plot or one other.

And that’s why Saori is here on the checklist. Let’s sight what she will be able to assemble in the reach future.

So there you would possibly possibly possibly have gotten it, weebs. These had been the High 50 Absolute best Jujutsu Kaisen Characters.

I hope your existence curses bought diminished need to you went thru this checklist and stumbled on a minimal of one persona that you just did now not learn about.

Thanks loads for reading and except next time, Sayonara!

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