Top 8 highest grossing kings at the box office.

The list of heroes who have achieved box office success in movies currently being released in Kollywood has been released and it is currently trending on social media by his fans.

Sian Vikram: Sian Vikram, who is still playing the protagonist at the age of 46, has been ranked 8th in terms of box office receipts, having recently appeared in each of his films in a different guise to entertain his own fan base.

Dhanush: Dhanush is in 7th place following him. Unlike other actors, he chooses different storylines and entertains his own fan base. Although his performance as Asuran and Karnan was a box office hit, a few of Dhanush’s films following these films did not do as well as expected.

சிம்பு: Simbu is sixth behind him. What made him stand out from the blockbuster success was that he completely lost his body weight with the support of the existing fans despite being ridiculed by the fans, giving a re-entry through the re-conference film of the sleek body structure.

Surya: Surya has got the fifth place. He was the last 10 years ago Rajini., Who was in the minds of the fans next to Kamal. But his films were not as successful as expected and he has made a comeback as a mass hero with the film Sura. Subsequent films like Jaybeam and Dare for Anything have amassed a box office record.

Sivakarthikeyan: Similarly Sivakarthikeyan has got 4th place. As all his films have captivated children and women alike, he has quietly created a huge fan base for himself and is amassing a box office record with his films.

Rajini: Third place goes to superstar Rajinikanth. Having a fan base united by his acting and style has made him come in third as a few films of Rajinikanth have failed. However whether the story of his films is good or not his fans will somehow keep that film running. That is what every film starring Rajini today is proving what his fans are like.

Ajith: Following this, 2nd place went to Thala Ajith. Cricketer, Prime Minister Ajith’s next film update is eagerly awaited by the fans as every one of his films is left splashing at the box office.

Vijay: It is common on social media for a tussle between Thala Ajith and Commander Vijay. But given the current situation, Commander Vijay is the king of collections and has topped the box office.

Every one of his movie updates and releases has been highly viewed and shared by fans on social media. Thus, it may come as a surprise to some that world star Kamal is not in the list of top 8 favorite actors in terms of box office status.

No pictures of the year have been released yet. But as Vikram’s work is in full swing, the film is sure to be a box office hit.

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