Tom Cruise isn’t done yet, and neither are big-budget hits without spandex-wearing superheroes. Cruise provided a profession-best $248 million around the world launching with Top Weapon: Radical, which surpassed his previous best – Objective: Difficult Fallout – by 28%. The action follow up opened in 62 worldwide markets this weekend, where it made $124 million by Sunday. Radical made another $124 million in its three-day domestic launching, with price quotes for the extended Memorial Day weekend pegged at $151 million.

Cruise had his best opening in 32 of the previously mentioned markets with Top Weapon: Radical; while 18 of those markets provided Paramount its biggest live-action launching. In general, Top Weapon: Radical is the studio’s 2nd-best around the world live-action launching after Transformers: Age of Termination. Though Transformers: Dark of the Moon made more by the end of its very first weekend, the movie opened for sneak peeks on Tuesday.


Radical marks the 5th theatrical success this year for Paramount, after Scream, Jackass Forever, The Lost City, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This is an exceptional recover for the studio, which was having a hard time just just recently with a modification in management and was required to unload numerous titles to streaming throughout the pandemic. Paramount showed self-confidence in the movie, picking not to hurry it out throughout quick release windows in the last number of years; rather, sending out Cruise on a globe-trotting promotion trip that took him to San Diego, Cannes, London, and Tokyo. Top Weapon: Radical debuted with an excellent A+ CinemaScore, a few of the best evaluations of Cruise’s profession, and the whole summer in front of it.