Top Weapon: Radical continues to shatter expectations, with the follow up making $32.5 million in IMAX theaters globally. This moved the Tom Cruise follow up to protect the biggest Memorial Day weekend overall for IMAX, in addition to protecting numerous other excellent records. $21 countless Radicals IMAX overall in The United States and Canada represented 14% of its domestic haul, which is excellent and talks to audiences passion to see the movies action and scale on the biggest screens possible.

These numbers likewise even more validate the follow up, as it was recorded particularly for IMAX. Internationally, Radical made $28.2 million worldwide and $17.8 million locally in IMAX. Throughout theaters worldwide, the movie protected $248 million, with $151 countless that coming locally throughout the four-day weekend. In IMAX theaters, the follow up snatched the biggest opening weekend ever for a Tom Cruise movie, in addition to the biggest Memorial Day weekend opening ever. This movie really couldnt have actually come at a much better time, and is definitely worthwhile of these honors. Both critics and audiences alike have actually enjoyed this movie and the theatergoing experience it provides.


IMAX is continuing to ride their high from completion of 2021, which saw the immersive filming/screening format have its best 4th quarter at package office considering that 2017. 5 significant releases, all recorded for IMAX, made more than $25 million in IMAX theaters. Spider-Man: No Other Way House topped that list with $83.1 million, while Dune and No Time At All to Pass Away followed with $43.9 million and $43.7 million, respectively. Previously this year, IMAX reached $10 billion in its life time box office, helped in majority by Warner Bros. and their DC movie, The Batman.

Radical might simply be the start of another appealing year for this big screen format, as there are numerous other significant movies slated for release. Particularly, Thor: Love and Thunder, Jordan Peeles Nope, and Creed 3 were recorded in IMAX, simply as Radical was. Aside from those movies, there are likewise numerous others which provide themselves to this sort of theatrical experience, with James Camerons Avatar 2: The Method of Water topping that list. Jurassic World: Rule, Lightyear, Bullet Train, and Black Adam are some other movies that will more than most likely pull in some big overalls in this format later on this year.