Total curled beast than KGF 2! This is the collection in Chennai ..

Beast and KGF 2

Beast and KGF 2, two of the biggest films of the past, were released in the following days.

Vijay’s Beast movie received a lot of mixed reviews, but surprisingly KGF 2 was a bigger hit than Beast movie.

Accordingly, KGF 2 is currently being screened on the main screen and Beast on the small screen in a few theaters.

Chennai collection status

In this case, the details of yesterday’s collection of these two films have been released. Of these, KGF 2 has collected Rs 58 lakh in Chennai alone, while Beast has collected only Rs 32 lakh.

In total, Beast has collected Rs 8.35 crore in Chennai and KGF 2 has collected Rs 4.19 crore. It remains to be seen whether the KGF film will overtake the Beast film in the coming days.

Failed Beast Movie! Here is the box office report ..

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