Total list of Sun Family Awards .. Favorite Hero, Do you know who the heroine is.?

Sun TV has been presenting awards in recognition of those who have worked on their television for nearly 12 years. Initially the serials were Sun TV. The series aired from 10 am to 11 pm with various features to attract the fans.

In this regard, the recent Sun Family Awards 2022 were held in grand style. Currently you can see the winners of the awards. Sibu Suriyaan of Roja series won the award for Favorite Hero. Also in the category of Favorite Heroine got Gabriella, the heroine of the Sundari series who is everyone’s favorite.

This was followed by Siddhi 2 series Varun and Kayal series Saitra Reddy receiving Best Actor and Actress awards. This was followed by the Roja series Arjun and Roja knocking off the awards for Best Couple. Rose series Kalpana won the award for Best Mother-in-law.

Sanjeev, the protagonist of this year’s newcomer Kayal series, won the Star Hero award. The award for Best Family also went to Pandavar Illam, which airs at noon. Meena won the Best Mother Award Abhi and I series.

This was followed by the Best Son-in-Law and Daughter-in-law award for Kannane Kanne series Yuva and Anbe Wa Bhumika. Also in the best villain male and female categories were Kayal series Dharmalingam and Kannana Kanne series Maneka.

In the Best Supporting Actor and Actress category, Sundari won the series Anu and Rajapandi won the title. Two directors have knocked off awards for Best Director. I.e. Sundari series Alhagar and Kayal series received both Selvam.

Pablo Prithviraj received the award for Best Multiple Talented Actor. Actress Lata also received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Thus the Sun Family Awards 2022 with dance and song was staged as the most critical. Congratulations on behalf of Cinemapet to the more award winners.

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