Trailer of Adventure – Thriller “Dark Matter”!

The first trailer for “Dark Matter”, which is the first movie in its category in Turkish cinema, was shared.

The first trailer of “Dark Matter”, which is the first movie of its category in Turkish cinema, has been shared!

The audience of “Dark Matter”, all of which takes place in nature, is not surrounded by supernatural beings such as genies, demons, fairies, or murderers, unlike the usual thrillers; It aims to stretch with the events of its heroes in Aladağlar. Written and directed by İman Tahsin, the cast includes names such as Ahmet Pınar, Nihan Aşçı, Orkun Olgar and Ahmet Yıldırım.

“Dark Matter” takes its name from one of the most important terms in quantum physics. This substance is defined as a type of substance that we cannot see or touch, but whose presence we feel.

We experience the story of the movie through the eyes of the main character, Can. “Dark Matter”, which includes mind games familiar from Hollywood cinema and prompts the audience to think, also leaves the audience to interpret how much of what happened is real and how much is not. The film, which managed to be extraordinary especially in terms of its scenario, genre and shooting location, constantly asked the audience, “What happened now?” with its increasing tempo. It aims to ask the question.

The music for “Dark Matter” was composed by Iranian composer Kamyar Behbahani. Behbahani, who thought that the film was very unusual, carried the same difference to the instruments he used and designed special sounds by using metal saws with violin bows.

“Dark Matter” hits theaters on June 3!

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