Trailer of Comic Book Adapted Paper Girls

Amazon has released the first trailer for the highly anticipated series

The upcoming Amazon Prime sci-fi drama series Paper Girls has released its first teaser trailer and briefly showcases four young protagonists, accompanied by a handful of rather cryptic voiceovers. Paper Girls is based on a six-volume comic book series of the same name written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Cliff Chiang. The series concluded with its sixth volume in 2019.

Set in 1988, the story follows four twelve-year-old girls caught in the crossfire between the opposing factions of the time during their usual newspaper delivery work the morning after Halloween. From then on, they are sent on an epic adventure through time to save the world. Now, as they journey between the past and the future, they come into contact with different versions of themselves and must decide whether to accept the fate that has been shown to them.

The trailer showcases a very brief piece of the girls’ personalities. The first person we see under a moving blue light is Tiffany Quilkin, played by Camryn Jones, the only child in a successful family. His lines and the arrogance behind him suggest him as the determined and stubborn person of the group. The light then turns pink and we are shown Mac Coyle, a working-class Catholic girl who is the first non-boy journalist in her town. The voice lines, played by Sofia Rosinsky, make one of the other girls seem sarcastic or even jealous. Then Fina Strazza came from the richest family in town. KJ His lines as Brandman ask questions about himself. Finally, Erin Tieng, a bilingual Chinese immigrant played by Riley Lai Nelet, is featured in the video. Her lines point to some of the contradictions between the young protagonists and how Erin considers herself different from others, possibly due to her origins or perhaps due to her duty-loving nature.

Paper Girls is produced by Amazon Studios and Legendary Television, Plan B. Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers serve as executive producers. He was previously supposed to be co-showrunner of the series with Stephany Folsom, but left the project in July 2021. Paper Girls doesn’t have an exact premiere date yet.

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