Trisha is not hungry for controversy .. 5 incidents that stand in the way of marriage at the age of 38

Trisha has teamed up with leading actors of Tamil cinema like Vijay, Ajith, Surya, Dhanush. Trisha, who has been in the film industry for almost 19 years, has so far only acted as a heroine.

In this situation he is embroiled in many controversies in life. Trisha was first engaged to Varun Maniyan, a businessman from Chennai, in 2015. They broke up their engagement for a few reasons.

Rana Tagupathi and Trisha were said to be in a relationship. But it was denied by both. Suchitra then posted close-up photos of the couple on her social media page. After that they accepted this.

Singer Suchitra has made a splash in Kollywood cinema by posting intimate photos of several actors and actresses on her social networking sites. In it, Hansika Motwani had posted photos of many stars like Andrea, Chinmayi, Anirudh, Amalapal, Trisha, Dhanush. The photo of Trisha together in Dhanush’s bed and the photos of Rana Tagupathi and Trisha kissing were controversial.

Trisha was the brand ambassador for Beta. They also fought against Beta as protests were going on in support of Jallikkattu at the time. Back then Trisha was against Jallikkattu and in favor of Beta. Thus Trisha was mocked everywhere as social media. After that, Trisha took part in the Jallikkattu protest organized by the Actors’ Association and expressed her support for it.

Trisha had blocked her Twitter account due to the Jallikkattu controversy. And I was told that the Twitter account would not work until I took the next step. A month later he reactivated his Twitter account to promote his film. Trisha, who has been controversial for the rest of her life, is 38 years old and there is no sign of marriage. According to Kollywood sources, such controversies are the main obstacle to marriage.

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