Trisha paired with Cook with clown celebrity .. Bad time to haunt Januma

Actress Trisha is still the dream girl of the fans after many years of acting. She is a leading actress in Tamil and Telugu films and has acted with many including Ajith, Rajini and Vijay.

He last acted in the movie Paramapatham Game. But the film did not do as well as hoped. Besides, none of the subject pictures of the heroine chosen by Trisha gave him a big hand.

Nayantara, popularly known as Lady Superstar by the fans, has acted in many films that emphasize the heroine. All these films gave him a good name. It was after seeing him that Trisha also chose such stories and started acting.

But Trisha did not get the luck that Nayantara got. All but 96 of his recent films have embraced failure. Thus for some time Trisha was without any film opportunities.

He is currently starring in films like Ponni’s Selvan and Chess Hunt. Following this he is currently committed to starring in a new film. Directed by Arun Vasikaran, the film stars Trisha in the lead role.

He is co-starring with Santosh Pratap, Mia George and MS Bhaskar. Santosh Pratap, who plays the hero in this, is famous for his show ‘Cook with a Clown’ which is currently airing on Vijay TV.

He also starred in the Arya starrer Sarpatta Paramparai. Following that he is currently paired with Trisha. Fans who have seen this are wondering if this is a situation for Trisha who has teamed up with leading actors.

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