Trisha’s total property value .. Is this so in her 22 year cinema career?

Trisha has been a heroine in Tamil cinema for almost 22 years. The main reason for this is his youthful appearance. Trisha is handling many things for this. She has tried many things like exercise, diet and yoga and is still young.

But at present Trisha does not have much film opportunities in Tamil. He is playing the lead role in Mani Ratnam’s dream movie Ponni’s Selvan. In this case, his birthday was recently celebrated with much fanfare.

Thus many news about him came out on the internet and surprised the fans. One of them is the value of his property. Having been in the film industry for almost 22 years, she was expected to have more property value than other actresses.

Trisha owns a luxury home in Chennai. In which he lives with his mother and grandmother. The value of this house is 6 crores. Trisha has also invested in several real estate companies. Trisha also owns 3 cars.

The Range Rover Evoque is a luxury car valued at Rs 60 lakh. He next owns a BMW worth Rs 41 lakh and a Mercedes-Benz E-Class worth Rs 63 lakh. He is also an ambassador for some brand companies.

Trisha is currently earning Rs 3 to 4 crore per film. He has also acted in advertisements and earned through it. His annual income is 9 crores. His assets are said to be worth between Rs 75 crore and Rs 80 crore. But Nayantara has less property value than Samantha.

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