True Visions-True Visions now delivers the Wind of Langxi series Meet the fierce clash of 2 superstars, Chen Khun – Bai Yu.

In the era of the Three Kingdoms War, the country of China was covered with blood, the remnants of the losses from the battle between Wei and the To region remained. The Tai region sends Chen Gong (played by Chen Khun), a high-ranking spy, to lurk in the Wei region. He was appointed supply officer and oversaw the finances of the army. It also won the trust of the Lord of Tianshui very much. Without knowing it, Chen Gong always sent secret letters to inform the region.

Later, a battle ensued. The Qing region was defeated by the Wei region as its troops advanced northwards because they believed in the newsletter sent by Chen Gong. The general was very dissatisfied and ordered Swinswi (played by Bai Yu) to kill him. The head of the inspection unit went to Wei to learn the truth about Chen Gong.

After Chen Gong passed the evidence, SwinXu found out that Chen Gong was not guilty as everyone had accused, but it turned out to be a man named Zhu Long. One of the region’s intelligence insiders swapped Chen Gong’s list and planned to steal the blueprint of the decree crossbow that once cost Wei in the war. Both have to be groped quickly. And stop this covert operation. Before that, the Wei region got everything.

Sehen Sie sich dieses Drama ab Sonntag, den 3. September jeden Freitag bis Sonntag um 21.00 Uhr auf True Asian More (120, 239) und True Visions Now an.

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