‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episode 1 & 2: Recap & Ending – Does Hee-Do Transfer To Taeyang High School?


The most recent Kdrama on Netflix, “Twenty Five Twenty One,” begins with a tragedy that is the financial disaster of 90s South Korea that disrupted the lives of many Koreans. Our lead characters, Hee Operate and Yi Jin, who’re restful too young to adore or become involved, are also struggling from it. Thus, “Twenty Five Twenty One” turns into the memoir of two young individuals looking to battle the sexy events and snatch their dreams alive. It aspects Kim Tae Ri as Na Hee Operate and Nam Joo Hyuk as Baek Yi Jin within the lead roles.

‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Characters Introduction

Na Hee Operate is the mom of Kim Min Chae, who is a young ballerina. She is gazing her daughter’s ballet competition via the mobile screen due to COVID-19 restrictions, nonetheless Min Chae backs out of the competition because she is haunted that she won’t get rid of the competition. Hee Operate tries to convince her that successful is no longer every thing, nonetheless to no avail. Min Chae runs away from her mom to her grandmother’s plot, only to halt up in her mom’s weak room, the set aside she finds her diary from her highschool days.

It’s the yr 1998. Na Hee Operate is a fencing player who is in a stir upright now. She changed into as soon as known as a fencing prodigy since she changed into as soon as younger, nonetheless no extra. She lives with her mom alone, who is a news anchor. She is no longer shut to her mom because Hee Operate thinks that she would not understand her. Exterior the house, Hee Operate is a stuffed with life girl who likes to fence and read manhwa (Korean comic books). She is a trail-getter and has an optimistic outlook on existence.

A new man, 22 years weak, named Baek Yi Jin, has moved into Hee Operate’s neighborhood. He has started a share-time job even sooner than he has done stepping into his new condo plot. Earning money is his first precedence. He delivers newspapers within the morning and works on the condo guide store later within the day. He lives alone nonetheless has a family who all stay aside, no longer by preference nonetheless as a result of the situations. His father’s industry has long past bankrupt, and Yi Jin is now on his savor.

What Is Hee-Operate’s Helpful Dream?

Hee Operate hardly attends her classes because she is on the fencing crew and has to apply the total time. Her crew has no longer won many suits, nonetheless they are hopeful. Hee Operate is partial to gold medalist fencer Ko Yu Rim, who is the identical age as her. Her dream is to become Yu Rim’s rival in fencing. She sneaks into Yu Rim’s highschool to secretly quiz her apply every Saturday. That’s how principal she admires her. Alternatively, Hee Operate’s dream is overwhelmed when her college abolishes the fencing crew due to a lack of funding. The country is going via an financial disaster, and its effects are seen in every sector.

When the total doorways shut on Hee Operate, the one ray of hope for her is to transfer to Taeyang High College, the set aside Ko Yu Rim is enrolled. When she asks her mom to elevate out that, she tells her to forestall fencing as she is no longer correct at it anymore. Hee Operate’s mom has never helped her anyway, and this time apart from, Hee Operate has to serve herself. She meets Yu Rim’s coach and begs her to net her on their crew, nonetheless the coach refuses. Hee Operate has restful no longer given up. If the total upright ways to net her in are no longer within the market, she is going to create her savor manner by doing the depraved issues. She plans to net herself into trouble, which might power her to transfer to one other college. She tries to physically assault a pupil, nonetheless as she has no idea about easy programs to elevate out it, it fails. She calls the police on a gang war, nonetheless reasonably than getting arrested as one in all them, she turns into their victim. Hee Operate is persistent, and she is no longer going to forestall unless she makes her expansive dream advance true.

Why does Yi-Jin vows Never To Dwell Fortunately?

Yi Jin is doing two share-time jobs and is restful looking to gain extra. He doesn’t net a job as a floor cleaner because he is overqualified. Yi Jin is a second-yr engineering dropout from Yonsei University. He changed into as soon as a top pupil in highschool and also a chaebol (heir of a conglomerate). The whole lot changed into as soon as going well in his existence unless his father’s firm went bankrupt as a result of the financial disaster. His father needed to divorce his mom to retain them away from the money owed. His individuals bear long past into hiding individually, and his younger brother lives with their aunt. He plans to decide on him to stay with him when he has a stable job.

Hee Operate is sitting with his chums at a nightclub when Yi Jin comes into their private room. She is a minor and has sneaked into the membership to purposefully net caught so she will be able to transfer to one other college. His chums strive and create Hee Operate drink alcohol, nonetheless Yi Jin stops them. His chums call him a buzzkill and elaborate him to level of curiosity on his financial situation. Yi Jin and Hee Operate bear known every diverse as a result of the newspaper and comic guide store, so Yi Jin leaves the membership with her. He advises her to hunt the advice of with her mom because it is miles a privilege that she has due to her age. She can be able to quiz her individuals now what she desires from them.

Hee Operate goes to the book shop to meet Yi Jin, nonetheless he has already ended his shift. She gets his tackle from the shop proprietor, nonetheless when she reaches his plot, she sees two men threatening Yi Jin. They’re requesting his father’s tackle because they want money. He can feel their trouble as he’s going via the identical. He can not provide them money or consolation, nonetheless he guarantees them that he might presumably no longer ever stay fortunately after his family has triggered sorrow to many families. Alternatively, he is already living a existence of despair.

Stopping The Though-provoking Times in “Twenty Five Twenty One”

Hee Operate’s mom finds out the clothes that Hee Operate wore on the nightclub, hence exposing her. Hee Operate tells her the fact and of her desperation to net into Taeyang High College. Her mom leaves nonetheless has understood her daughter’s desire. She transfers her to Taeyang High College with out her gleaming. Yi Jin’s advice to hunt the advice of with her mom worked for Hee Operate, and she is extra than tickled, although she needed to get rid of about a extra challenges to get rid of over the coach. That is upright one step for her, and she restful has a mountain to outrageous.

Yi Jin is stunned to quiz Hee Operate at his door when he is in his most susceptible declare. Hee Operate would not peep him sad adore that and takes him to her weak college. She does her well-liked exercise of twisting the faucet upside down and turning it on, making it quiz adore a fountain. Yi Jin finds it childish nonetheless soon joins her by turning on all the taps. They want to dawdle away sooner than the night time guard catches them. They’re laughing and playing themselves. Hee Operate tells him that despite the fact that he has promised those individuals, he would never be tickled, he can also be tickled around her, and she will snatch it as their secret.

Hee Operate is a young particular person, and Yi Jin is a young adult. Even supposing they are only four years aside in age, their thoughts are on entirely diverse ranges. Hee Operate is amazingly stuffed with life, optimistic, and dauntless. She doesn’t enlighten principal sooner than doing anything else. She is no longer mindful of the results, nor does she take into anecdote them. Yi Jin has lived his only existence and now is living his worst existence. He has seen the riches, and now he is seeing the rags. All of it came about sooner than he might presumably understand it. He changed into as soon as speculated to net pleasure from his early life in college, graduate, after which pursue his dreams, nonetheless all of that disappeared in a single blow. Now every single day is set surviving.

When Hee Operate asks her ex-coach why her dreams might presumably restful suffer due to him, he replies that it isn’t him nonetheless the events that are making them suffer. Hee Operate had almost misplaced her dream, nonetheless she grabbed it all as soon as more with her perseverance and her mom’s toughen. Time has also taken away every thing from Yi Jin. He couldn’t provide protection to his dream both. At the same time as you are young, alongside with your individuals’ toughen, no exact accountability, and oblivious to the exact adult world within the market, you’re extra dauntless and interesting adore Hee Operate. Whenever you develop up and all with out delay want to become a in price particular person without a staunch toughen from your individuals, the courage and the ardour delivery as a lot as become much less and much less. Many dreams die when actuality takes over, adore what came about with Yi Jin.

Alternatively, no battle is an effortless one for the one fighting it. Hee Operate and Yi Jin are both fighting “the events” in their savor manner. Each are lonely in their savor manner. That they had found a chum in every diverse after they wanted it the most. The future is unsure. Each of them don’t understand how their lives are going to turn out or the set aside they’ll be. They’ve every diverse upright now, and in upcoming episodes of “Twenty Five Twenty One,” we can ask of to quiz them serve and uplift every diverse to stay a bigger existence on the fresh time.

“Twenty Five Twenty One” is a 2022 romance drama sequence within the within the period in-between streaming on Netflix.

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