‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap & Ending – Who is Hee Do’s Pen Friend?


Within the previous episodes of “Twenty Five Twenty One,” Na Hee Compose managed to secure a transfer to Taeyang High College. Her hump in direction of her dream has gorgeous begun. Baek Yi Jin has been struggling alone, but Hee Compose’s arrival into his life is the top most likely happiness he has level to in the harsh times. Hee Compose and Yi Jin proceed to transfer forward with their lives as they stumble, tumble, and secure up one more time to face the world.

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Will Yi Jin Meet His Father?

Hee Compose’s daughter, Min Chae, has given up on ballet, but Hee Compose still hasn’t given up on her. Min Chae has been reading Hee Compose’s diary secretly and asks Hee Compose why she didn’t quit on fencing if she wasn’t friendly at it. Hee Compose is shocked and asks Min Chae if her grandma urged her about it. Hee Compose tells her that she didn’t quit on narrative of she most popular fencing.

Hee Compose will get into Taeyang High College and proves herself to be the second-simplest player after Yu Rim when she beats her in a spar. She is cheerful on narrative of she has idolized Yu Rim to this point, but Yu Rim is never any longer cheerful at all. She will be able to search for an opponent rising in entrance of her. While going house, Hee Compose sees a man requesting Yi Jin’s put of job from his landlady. Hee Compose runs as like a flash as she can be able to and hides from Yi Jin, thinking the man will inquire him for money. 

Yi Jin is relieved, but when he goes house, he finds a present along with his title on it. The gift is from his father, who came taking a uncover for him. He goes working in direction of the bus blueprint and sees his father’s bus leaving the blueprint. He chases the bus and his father sees him. To their relief, they at closing secure to examine with and search for every varied after a actually very prolonged time. Yi Jin promises his father that he’ll bring their family relieve together.

Hee Compose and Yu Rim are practising at night in the gymnasium when their senior comes in and begins scolding them for practising with out her permission. Yu Rim begins apologizing but Hee Compose refuses to secure bullied. She stands up for herself, getting both her and Yu Rim in anguish. The senior orders them to clean up the gymnasium and leaves. Hee Compose denies her orders, but Yu Rim humiliates her, asserting that common fencers like her have to construct such issues if they have to buy enjoying, and a gold medalist like herself could maybe well beget the toughen of others it does no longer matter what. Hee Compose will get hurt by her words and visits Yi Jin to uplift her mood. She asks him to affirm one thing with out asking any questions, to affirm that Yu Rim was unpleasant. Yi Jin doesn’t grunt it and Hee Compose leaves, being more upset. Hee Compose and Yi Jin beget promised every varied to secure the assorted cheerful.

After having a rotten day, Hee Compose goes on the internet to examine with her pen friend. She talks with that friend normally, and they’ve agreed to no longer level to any internal most knowledge. They construct no longer instruct their exact names as their particular person ids either. When Hee Compose tells the friend about how an particular particular person humiliated her recently, the friend tells her what she desired to hear: that the assorted particular person was unpleasant. Ko Yu Rim, who’s on the assorted side of the chat, does no longer know that she is talking about herself. Hee Compose wonders if they’ve crossed paths in exact life, to which Yu Rim replies that she would beget identified Hee Compose if that they had. They specific their like to meet every varied at some point.

How Does Hee-Compose Obtain Into Qualifiers?

The tip 24 avid gamers from the previous match are robotically licensed to compete for a field on the nationwide fencing group. From Hee Compose’s excessive school, Yu Rim is already a member of the nationwide group. Hee Compose’s rotten was 26th, and she skipped over the different. On the opposite hand, a player from the head 24 drops out on narrative of her excessive school discards the fencing group, and one more player drops out on narrative of her family can no longer beget ample money to toughen her. These tragedies of others was out to be a miracle in Hee Compose’s life. She moves up two spots and will get into the qualifiers. The same times that with regards to took her dream far flung from her beget given her one more likelihood at it.

Hee Compose is cheerful and begs her coach to data her in declare that she can be able to have interaction first put. Coach begins rigorous coaching with Hee Compose, which she had no longer anticipated. On the opposite hand, Hee Compose is ready to provide her all. The coach is giving internal most attention to Hee Compose, and it’s a win out about that Yu Rim can no longer endure to win. She confronts the coach and asks why she is giving special therapy to Hee Compose. Coach has a straightforward explanation: it’s on narrative of Hee Compose requested it. An excessive amount of avid gamers are too proud to inquire the coach for relieve if they’re lacking. Hee Compose isn’t ashamed of her flaws; she wishes to be taught and enhance. This top most likely increases Yu Rim’s hatred in direction of Hee Compose.

Yi Jin has been searching for to win a job and interviewing wherever he can. He meets his dad’s acquaintance at an interview who could maybe well moreover beget helped Yi Jin land the job, but the results beget been already announced and Yi Jin did no longer trek the interview. The acquaintance arms him a check for 100,000 won as a substitute. Yi Jin drinks two bottles of Soju earlier than going house and beautiful sits outdoors the door. Hee Compose is still upset with him but talks to him when she sees that he’s unhappy. Yi Jin falls asleep on the doorstep whereas talking to her. Hee Compose covers him in a blanket and leaves a signboard near him that claims that he did no longer trek the interview. Everyone in the neighborhood notices him, and he turns into popular because the fellow who didn’t trek the interview. He will get upset with Hee Compose but later realizes that of us talking and joking about his failure has certainly soothed his distress and made it uncover like no longer a favorable deal.

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‘Twenty Five Twenty One’  Episode  4: Ending – Perseverance Will Blueprint shut Over The Instances

Hee Compose has been coaching in moderation as per her coach’s directions, and the results are exhibiting. She even realized the vogue to bounce, which taught her that rhythm is equally critical in fencing. The coach scolds her for disobeying her senior. She makes Hee Compose realize that her reckless habits moreover reveals in her sport. She goes in with out a understanding, which top most likely wastes her efforts. If Hee Compose wishes to observe at night, she wants her senior’s permission, to be succesful to secure it she places up an act and succeeds in getting her permission.

Hee Compose has confronted masses of failures. She went from being a fencing prodigy to a median fencer, but that didn’t discontinue her from attempting her simplest. She is never any longer panicked of failure anymore. She is repeatedly joking and laughing on narrative of that’s what her failures beget taught her to construct: laugh them away. That that you must no longer alternate your past, but that that you must work in direction of an even bigger future. This good of Hee Compose moreover impresses Yi Jin, who repeatedly looks out for her at any time when he is unhappy. She supplies him hope. He’s moreover attempting his simplest to enhance his life. He had by no methodology skilled failure earlier than, no longer like Hee Compose, which made her a favorable motivation for him to buy going on. Maturity does no longer approach with age, but it no doubt comes with trip, and both of them are maturing in their have methodology. Hee Compose’s perseverance has been pushing her a step forward at a time in direction of her dream. Within the upcoming episodes of ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’, we will win a plan to win out if she’s going to secure it into the nationwide group or no longer.

“Twenty Five Twenty One” Episode 3 & 4 are streaming on Netflix.

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