Twist in KGF2 .. Rocky Boy who will give a surprise in Part 3

KGF 2, a recently released film directed by Prashant Neil and starring Yash, has already hit the screens. This second part, which was released following it, is currently receiving a great response among the fans.

The film, which was released last month, is still being watched with interest by fans. And there are fans who enjoy watching this movie over and over again. Yash, who played Rocky Boy in that genre, is now popular in India.

Expectations are high among fans that KGF III will be formed accordingly. And the finale of the KGF2 movie ended with a terrifying twist. The scene, which showed Rocky Boy sinking in the sea during the airstrikes, was confusing to many.

This left many knots untied, such as whether Rocky Boy was alive or not. Director KG F3 is here to answer all these questions of the fans.

And Rocky Boy, who fell into the sea, is still alive. The plot for the third part is to be prepared as he escapes through a submarine. It is said that he went to another country after that and there were some unfinished explanations in KGF2.

Thus the much awaited KGF3 movie is expected to be released soon with the announcement. It has also been reported that the next episode will be unexpectedly huge and will feature leading actors in many languages, including Hollywood.

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