Two years for a film? Surya puts the hit director to bed

The recent release of Surya starrer starring Sun Pictures did not go as far as expected. Following this, he was contracted to act in Vetrimaran’s Vadivasal. In this situation, Surya is acting in a film directed by Bala again after 18 years.

The shooting for the film took place in Kanyakumari. The film is being produced by Surya through his 2D company. The news that Surya is back on the internet in a successful alliance is now going viral on the internet.

Jay Beam, a film directed by DJ Gnanavell and released last year on Amazon Prime, focuses on a true story. Surya played the role of Chandru, a prominent lawyer in the film. The film attracted people from all walks of life.

Surya also received praise from the Chief Minister. In this situation, Surya is playing the role of DJ Gnanavell again. In this case, the film crew plans to shoot the film in a very short time before the shooting of Vadivasal starts.

Jaybeam was also shot on a low budget in a very short period of time. Also, the film is being produced by Surya’s 2D Entertainment. Vetrimaran has been directing the release film for almost two years with Sun.

It is expected that Surya will finish the film and rejoin Vadivasal as he is currently working on Vetrimaran Viduthalai. It is also rumored that Gnanavell will probably finish Vadivasal and start filming. And the official information for this will be released soon.

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