Udayanidhi talking about fan support for KGF 2 more than Beast?

Udayanidhi Stalin

Udayanithi Stalin is one of the most popular actors and producers in Tamil cinema.

He starred in the upcoming financial film Chest, and has been releasing various films following his Red Giant Movis serpent.

In this context, the ceremony took place yesterday with the release of the lyric song of the Lingusamy directed film The Warrior, in which Udayanithi participated and spoke.

Tamil people’s support for other language films

He further said, “Telugu films have now become pan-Indian. Tamil films, whether Tamil people run or not, make good films run in any language.

I am not criticizing Tamil films, good films will make Tamil people run. “Many fans have been commenting that Udayanidhi has talked about KGF 2 running better here than Beast.

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