Udayanithi beating down all four sides .. Theater owners staring

Other producers are accusing Udayanithi Stalin’s Red Giant Movies of seizing the distribution rights of Tamil Nadu theaters for the films of leading actors like Rajini, Kamal, Vijay and Ajith. Red Giant Movies has acquired the publishing rights for Sivakarthikeyan’s upcoming 13th Dawn movie.

Thus a huge issue is running that the Red Giant buys and releases all the films. But now support for them is growing on all sides. Because Udayanidhi has been helping Stalin solve many problems.

So now everyone is on the side of Red Giant Movies. Udayanidhi has been weeding out the abuses committed by theaters in particular. They sell a ticket for 190 rupees and account for 220 rupees. As well as not counting 50, 60 tickets. Theaters in Coimbatore are creating this kind of anarchy.

There are several theaters in Coimbatore for one film distributor. His appeal was found to be a robbery. They give the film to Red Giant Movies as these issues escalate. Although Udayanidhi Stalin was busy with politics, acting and film production, he is currently focusing more on the film business.

And what other producers are lamenting is that the Red Giant company has bought and accumulated the rights to all the super hit films like Rajinikanth’s Annatha, Ajith’s Strength, Commander’s Beast, and Vikram starring World Hero Kamal Haasan.

There is also the controversy that Udayanidhi is now letting other producers in the film business, just as the Maran brothers dominated cinema from 2006 to 2011.

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