Udayanithi puts an end card to cinema .. This is the last film

Cinema is a crutch for stepping into politics. But Udayanithi Stalin came to cinema from a political family. Initially, his films with Santhanam were well received by the fans. After that he acted in stories that were important to him because he needed to get recognition for himself.

Following this he started producing films through a production company called Red Giant Movies. Red Giant Movies has acquired the Tamil Nadu rights for most of the films currently being released in Tamil cinema. Udayanidhi is thus dominating the cinema in both acting and production.

The chest justice film he is currently developing in acting is coming out soon. Following this, Mari Selvaraj has acted in the movie Mamannan. Vadivelu Vadivelu will play the lead role in the film.

In this situation, Udayanithi is showing his best contribution in politics as well as cinema. That is, Udayanithi, who is also the secretary of the DMK’s youth wing and an MLA, attends public meetings. He has also been doing many benefits to the people.

Thus he could not allocate time for cinema at present. It is rumored that Udayanidhi will be given the post of Minister as soon as possible. In this situation, Udayanithi has given an interview to a media recently. That means Mamannan has said that the film will be his last.

That means I am going to be 100% fully involved in politics. We also need to fully learn about politics. Udayanidhi has said that he wants to stay away from cinema and work in politics with full focus. This has caused excitement among his volunteers.

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