Udayanithi, Sivakarthikeyan who is constantly being praised .. The mouth-watering movie world of surprise

The film is directed by Arunraja Kamaraj and starring Udayanithi. The film is set to release a remake of the 2019 film Article 15 in Hindi soon. The trailer of the film has already been released and the music release ceremony took place recently.

It was attended by many celebrities including actor Sivakarthikeyan. Speaking on stage at the time, Sivakarthikeyan said that if there is a knife, there is no rye spinning. Udayanidhi shook hands and said that they are the ones who are sitting quietly here.

On hearing this, Udayanithi climbed on stage and looked at Sivakarthikeyan and teasingly told him to keep that Don image to himself and not to have that degree at all. So everyone there applauded and laughed.

Speaking further, Udayanithi said that the KGF film has made a difference in Tamil cinema and the impact of the film has not diminished for many. The songs of the film were released after that.

Currently, Sivakarthikeyan and Udayanithi are alternately performing and praising each other, which has caused a stir in the film industry. Because Udayanidhi recently attended the launch of Sivakarthikeyan’s Don movie trailer.

Then in that trailer Sivakarthikeyan will say that I am going to come to politics. There was a scene where his friend told him not to lie if he went there. Many who saw this said that Sivakarthikeyan was publicly mocking Udayanidhi.

But during the trailer launch, Udayanidhi took it realistically and sat smiling. However, it has come as a surprise to many that Udayanidhi is now behaving casually towards Sivakarthikeyan in the hope that there will be some reaction to it.

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