Udayanithi Stalin who is going to end the total .. What can I say like this

There was a great deal of doubt as to whether the man who had been so good at choosing and acting out those model stories from the beginning that only those model stories would set us up for any kind of acting, is now on the verge of ending acting.

Although he has acted in 15 films, he has a separate fan base. What he took in hand was a character mixed with humor. But little by little after that he shone perfectly in the role required for the story.

Now he is not becoming a comedian in any film. After the last film being shot, it seems like no other film is at the end of the cast.

Currently he has films like Do Not Trust the Eye, Justice to the Chest, Angel. All these films are being shot and ready for release.

Mamannan is the last film starring Udayanithi Stalin in the direction of Mari Selvaraj. He seems to have plans to land as a full-time politician after that film. So no other pictures are accepted.

Although he appears in 1-2 films like Father Face Stalin just like him. He got involved in politics full time with his father artist and avoided acting in the film. Similarly, it is questionable whether Udayanidhi Stalin is going to dive into a cinema career.

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