‘Unpaused: Naya Safar’ Summary & Review: A Grim Reminder Or A Good Lesson?


It’s not on every day foundation that we stumble upon an anthology sequence in India that manages to tug you in and manufacture you smile, regardless of such a grim jam-up. ‘Unpaused: Naya Safar’ is a 5-piece sequence with every episode lasting 30-minutes, jam at some level of the tip of the COVID second wave in India. Everyone within the nation, whether or not affected or not, will never omit the horrors and the turmoil of those few months. So, the hypothesis of watching the sequence bought a stage of apprehension in us.

While there used to be the curiosity of an practical bellow person to discover this sequence that used to be receiving such excessive acclaim, there used to be also a sliver of fright of revisiting a chapter of our lives that we’d rather be nothing but a a long way away reminiscence. On the alternative hand, we took the fall, and in level of truth, we are overjoyed we did. Irrespective of the train’s very correct illustration of the create of the pandemic on our lives, it mirrored the perfect lesson all of us appreciate collectively realized at some level of that time, and that is, that existence goes on.

The Couple 

The most considerable memoir within the ‘Unpaused: Naya Safar’ anthology is set a couple living in Mumbai when the wife loses her job ensuing from the pandemic and the strife it puts on their relationship. Right here’s the one memoir within the anthology that it will likely be the most relatable to audiences. While we see that the husband is making an strive his easiest to cheer up his wife and is, total, a extremely stand-up man, it’s miles the very insidious nature of gender dynamics that silently loom over even the most recent couples that makes this memoir hit home. The girl is keenly mindful of it, and we are in a position to sense the phobia she carries that she would possibly maybe well well not be revered within the marriage if she can not be ready to offer an equal financial contribution to the relationship, a fate that generations of girls appreciate suffered. 

There would possibly maybe be one explicit thing she says at some level of a fight with her husband, that is, “It isn’t acknowledged however the expectation is there,” which sums up the hypothesis for the unequal distribution of labor in every household, a truth that will not be with out problems acknowledged. We ticket see an staunch ending to this memoir, the kind that comes from not correct esteem but additionally some excessive pondering and reflection and provides hope that your well-known varied can be taught to be a feminist with out the breakdown of the relationship.

Battle Room

The second memoir of ‘Unpaused: Naya Safar’ is set a girl working in a COVID warfare room when she can get the likelihood to avenge her son’s loss of life. It is proven how her son dedicated suicide ensuing from the apathy of a definite person, and currently, that person’s existence is rather literally within the girl’s fingers. We see her pickle at retaining onto what’s potentially her only likelihood at justice for her son, which clearly conflicts with her sense of right and wrong. Without giving too many spoilers, let’s explain that the resolution is taken a long way from her fingers, and whereas we see danger at the justice denied to her, we also see the relaxation of a spotless sense of right and wrong when she takes a deep breath by taking off her conceal on an empty avenue. 

It is miles the next scene, though, that makes us smile, when we see her desire a bunch of pens ensuing from the ever-recent scarcity within the warfare room, a gesture that is reflective of how she has moved on from the day and how she intends for her existence to head on.

Teen Tigada

The third memoir is set three thieves caught in a warehouse with the loot, which they’re unable to sell ensuing from the nationwide lockdown. This episode is the one one to your entire ‘Unpaused: Naya Safar’ sequence that carries well-known notes of comedy. While there’s not considerable of a lesson here, it’s miles a illustration of one of the extra absurdist eventualities of the pandemic and the following lockdown and in level of truth makes you snigger out loud in a number of scenes.

Gond Ke Laddu

The fourth memoir of ‘Unpaused: Naya Safar’ is a yarn of esteem. The esteem of a mother for her daughter, that of a wife for her husband, and proper the total goodness of of us is the one thing that has made sense within the chaos of the pandemic. A initiating boy meets with an accident on his ability to manufacture the initiating, wherein the contents of the parcel are destroyed. He wants a five-indispensable person score with a goal to attend his job, and hope for that’s quickly vanishing within the face of this catastrophe. 

With the abet of his wife, he restores those contents all once more, however the memoir will not be correct about that. It is within the final minutes of it that we are launched to the sufficient great thing about the episode, and it would possibly maybe well well be gorgeous to state that after the couple hugs every varied in tears, it ends up warming our hearts as smartly.


It is miles the fifth and final memoir that is the sufficient masterpiece of the ‘Unpaused: Naya Safar’ anthology. It follows a worker in a cremation floor as he goes about getting fascinating the pyre for the dull bodies and, most incessantly, surroundings them on fireplace himself ensuing from the household’ not being there or not being fascinating to attain reduction end for anxiety of Corona. Right here’s a grim recollection of occasions previous and a horrifying reminder of the calculative nature of danger. Right here’s a one that sees quite lots of it. He has seen of us rupture down entirely, and he has also seen of us not fascinating to attain reduction end to the pyre to ticket the final rites. These latter, being handed the ashes of their liked ones in a vessel, for them to contact it only after spraying sanitiser on it, is an indication of how cremation is extra of a course of for them than an expression of danger. But all the perfect likely design thru all of it, what we see is the esteem of this man for his son and his father. 

As he teaches his son to be brave and encourages him to search out for a greater future even within the face of such unfavorable stipulations as homelessness, whereas expecting the news of his father, who’s within the clinical institution after testing COVID certain, we see the trusty grit and resolution of human perseverance and what it ability to esteem and are living for the household. It’d be unfair to state extra in regards to the memoir, and we mean it when we are saying that if nothing else within the anthology, at the least watch this piece of it.


The single motive we are stopping ourselves from calling ‘Unpaused: Naya Safar’ a must watch is ensuing from the reminder it will also be of a time that will never be forgotten, but within the event you presumably can smartly be in a space to not be introduced about, it’s considerable to still watch it. Your entire ‘Unpaused: Naya Safar’ anthology is a commentary on class differences and how they appreciate got played into the lives of of us, even the reputedly privileged ones.

While all of the reviews appreciate a “happy” ending, we know that there’s one more grim grief in perceive. The ‘Unpaused: Naya Safar’ anthology also provides the nod to the empathy of frontline workers, esteem when the inspector reduces the pleasing when she sees that the of us don’t appreciate any money, or when the police constables responsible offer a person tea when they know that he has been working in a crematorium all day, and even the physician, who understands the appreciate to lower some slack for the girl who’s combating her psychological smartly being within the warfare room. Each and nearly all these cases softened the blows of those few months by a runt bit. And at the pause of every memoir, it’s how we know that it’s miles a still day and we would favor to circulate on, being grateful for what we appreciate whereas reminiscing about what we misplaced that makes this anthology a 10/10. So yes, watch it and decide a step forward to being a extra empathetic person due to the that’s what it’s about at the pause of the day.

‘Unpaused: Naya Safar’ is a 5-piece mini-sequence within the manufacture of particular person reviews directed by five varied directors. It is streaming on Amazon High Video.

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