Unsatisfied Kamal .. How can you pass if you put a stop to everything like this

Following the success of the Master movie, the audio launch of the Vikram movie directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and starring world hero Kamal Haasan will be released on the 15th. In this case, the film crew planned to hold the audio release on a grand scale.

Nehru Stadium, Leela Palace and ITC Chola were all planned for the event. But for Kamal, quality is important. So now he is thinking of many things. Kamal has made strong arrangements for that.

If you run the program here, that amount of audio and Dolby sounds will not go right into people’s ears. Kamal thought that this would be a big negative for the film. For this, Satyam Theater is planned to have a function at Dolby Sound.

But a lot of people are just wondering how that is possible within that narrow space. Expecting only quality like this, Kamal has been putting a stop to many things. But the film crew wants to hold the festival in the presence of a large number of fans.

In that sense, Nehru Stadium, Leela Palace and ITC Chola are exactly three places. So Vikram’s crew insists on giving Kamala a little thought.

But Kamal stands in the same position as ‘Three legs for his favorite rabbit’ in the mind that the song will reach them better even if fewer people participate in the audio launch.

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