Vadivelu does not like development .. It is a pity that he canceled the shooting and left

Vadivelu, who was sidelined from the cinema and given a red card due to a problem in several films, is currently busy acting in a lot of films after a long hiatus from it all again.

Vadivelu alternates between shooting for films like Udayanidhi’s Mamannan and Nai Sehgar Returns. Vadivelu plays the hero in the movie Dog Seker Returns. Comedian Retin Kingsley, who is growing up in the film, is also cast as a rival to Vadivelu.

It has been rumored that Retin Kingsley will be playing the lead role in the Laika-produced giant dog Shaker Returns directed by Suraj. But during the filming, Retin Kingsley arrived two hours late and angry Vadivelu canceled the shooting and left.

Vadivelu left the filming site angry that I had been waiting so long for the actor to arrive. Thus many are talking in a way that brings disrepute to Retin Kingsky.

Many say they are plotting to bring him down. A few comedians will evoke a sense of humor through the rhyming timing. But Redin Kingsley, a newcomer to Tamil cinema, has garnered attention by verbally making fans laugh.

He soon became popular in the cinema with a few films like Doctor, Anything Dare, Kolamavu Kokila, Annatha. So it is rumored in Kollywood that Vadivelu is looking at his growth and revealing all this because he has some kind of smoke.

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