Vadivelu suffocates due to lack of old team

Vaigai storm Vadivelu is the one who built Tamil cinema with his comedy. His comedies in the film are so natural. Coming from a rural background, he would have jokingly expressed things like what was going on there in the films he acted in.

And a team is always ready to get his comedies ready. Vadivelu also used to bring people from the city and talk to them all night and make some comedies out of it.

In this situation, Vadivelu’s old teammates Singamuthu, the late Alva Vasu, Caesar Manohar, Vadivelu now have no one as a blown fame actor for his brother. Because Vadivelu was banned from acting in films for some time and given a red card.

So they all set up a different team and do the comedy track. In this situation, Vadivelu has lifted the ban and started acting in cinema again. Suraj is currently starring in the Leica-produced film Nai Sekar Returns.

The film stars Vadivelu along with Redin Kingsley, Sivanki, Shivani Narayanan, Anandraj and many more. Santosh Narayanan sets the music for the film. In this case, it is said that the dog Shaker returns film will be slightly different from Vadivelu’s films.

It is said that the film will be on a new comedy track as Vadivelu does not have an old comedy team. And currently Vadivelu is under contract for several films in a row. In this situation, these films are a treat for his fans who have been waiting for Vadivelu’s comedy for many years.

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