Vadivelu threatens the fans after watching the movie and talking about anything

Actor Vadivelu has been a commercial for most of the films released around 2010. Even those films would not have reached the fans to the extent that the comedy scenes featured in the films he acted in on a small budget starring small actors were so popular. Vadivelu was busy acting as such a great sensational actor.

He made a sudden political entrance during the flag-raising period. In support of the DMK, he spoke more contemptuously of his colleague Vijaykanth than he did of opposing the DMK. He also started getting various conditions that he would only act as the protagonist if he acted in the film and got a red card for acting as a fight with the producers and disappeared from the films en masse.

All this problem has now been removed and he is back as a comedy actor in the movie Mamannan with Udayanithi directed by Mari Selvaraj. Go for it, Nai Sehgar has started acting actively as a hero and as a film with Shiva Karthikeyan. Will you re-mix in the comedy like the old step though? As many have been questioning him.

In response to this, Vadivelu has been replying in his own style that the film has not been completed yet and that we will talk about the rest when the film is over. Look at my comedy in the film and every scene I want to talk about has come out so wonderful. I make you laugh and he is confident that I am back.

There are a few reasons why fans ask so. Because, this movie is not his comeback movie. Already Vijay has acted in films like Mersal, Fencing with Vishal. Although his comedy scenes in those films did not impress the fans much. This is why such questions are currently being asked.

Whatever it is that transcends all those criticisms and everyone wants to make the fans laugh again through the comedy scenes as actor Vadivelu said in his old style. Will that wish come true? It remains to be seen.

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