Valimai Review: Thala Ajith Kumar Shines In This Over-The-Top Action-Flick


The movie Valimai used to be launched in 4000 theatres across the realm without incident, as intended. Whereas the teaser and trailer parts heightened expectations about the movie, actor Ajith’s on-display masks performance has made fans maintain time in every scene. The punch tip that Ajith commonly mentions used to be so popular that it went skipped over within the theatre for lots of. To take hang of extra about the movie’s key components, read our in-depth Valimai evaluate below.

Valimai is ready a supercop who attempts to track down the mastermind within the support of a string of thefts and murders, but issues have a non-public flip when his family becomes puppets within the criminal’s game. Right here’s our chubby Valimai evaluate.

Valimai Analysis

Valimai, a movie by H Vinoth, begins with a chain of chain-snatching episodes and a theft performed by masked folks on bikes in Chennai. The populace is outraged at the cops, who’re tiring. The police chief expresses his desire for a supercop in an inner monologue. The scene shifts to Madurai, the put a temple procession is taking put.

Valimai motion scenes

A execute space is as successfully. The movie’s protagonist, ACP Arjun (Ajith Kumar), is then supplied, and his introduction is intercut with scenes from the parade. This persona appears to be like to be emerging from the depths, grand enjoy a God who is held excessive (right here, from internal a automobile). In a nutshell, a hero-introduction sequence to endure in mind.

Thala Ajith Kumar 

Arjun is assigned to Chennai and begins investigating a suicide case that appears to be like to be connected to a better crime. As he investigates the case, he realises it is linked to old chain-snatching and drug-smuggling cases. When the gang’s mastermind (Kartikeya Gummakonda) realises Arjun is on to him, issues rapidly devolve into a lethal cat-and-mouse game via which Arjun’s family is aged as pawns. Can Arjun put his family apart from to the city from this inferior criminal?

Valimai Villian

Valimai, a moderately spirited but overlong motion movie that conceals its easy script with extravagant motion way-objects, is a clash of stunts and sentiment. We withhold getting the affect that Vinoth is struggling to strike a balance between crafting a gritty motion movie and agreeable the wants of a celeb car.

No topic the different to ground the motion scenes in emotion, the movie settles for portraying them as stand-alone way-objects. This fashion is considered within the movie’s cursory medication of its secondary characters and their interaction with Arjun.

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They’re basically one-present – loving mother (Sumithra), alcoholic brother (Achyuth Kumar), supporting colleague (Huma Qureshi), who has one badass second and then is demoted to being a sidekick) – or worse, caricatures – zigzag cop (GM Kumar), tattoo-sporting, Goth-enjoy villain’s female friend. The storyline of a terrible sibling (Raj Ayyappan) who goes rouge isn’t established convincingly both. Right here is why, when we’re no longer within the thick of an motion scene, the image feels much less extremely high-quality. 

Huma Qureshi

Nonetheless, Vinoth compensates for this with the stunts, that are largely generous-display masks spectacles that are expertly choreographed (Dhilip Subburayan is the stunt choreographer) and are indubitably the movie’s spotlight. A bike streak within the valuable half and a streak though-provoking a bus, a truck, and lots of motorcyclists within the second half are each thrilling.



And Ajith performs this half with the fervour of a superhero. With his star vitality, he affords legitimacy to the stunt moments whereas additionally attempting to elevate the assorted substances. There are occasions when it works (a lot like when he has to interrupt any individual’s arm in jail) and cases when it doesn’t (the monologue within the climax). But there’s no disputing that it’s his presence that holds the movie’s two disparate tones together. 

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