Vampire in the Garden Ending, Explained: Is Great Dead or Alive?

While doing so, she forms a not likely kinship with vampire queen Fine, who is a castaway in her own people. Following its release, the anime got an important action, thanks to its attracting world-creation and a meaningful voice cast. Now, you need to discover it difficult to understand the story and the ending considering that the story stays downplayed. If so, let us get to the bottom of the matter. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Vampire in the Garden Recap

In the start, we get a take a look at the indistinguishable world, where vampires rule the metropolitan area, and people, the lower beings in the formula, have actually reached a compromise with the vampires by setting up a wall of light. In the meantime, the human resistance phase an extensive attack on a vampire nest. They eliminate a young vampire while a soldier passes away due to contamination. Momo comes across a mystical music box. Momo’s mom, the resistance leader, finds the music box in Momo’s space, requesting a description, considering that in the post-apocalyptic world, music, movie theater, and art, are unique to vampires.

Momo’s only pal in the city is Mirena, who remains in the resistance army with Momo. The series likewise presents Fine, the charming queen of the vampires, who provides a program at the city ballroom in the middle of a resounding choir. She does not consume blood, which separates her from other vampires. She exits through the window, and her pal Kubo follows her to let her understand that the people are preparing an extensive attack. However we understand that vampires have actually established a self-destructive drug that turns them into wild and monstrous animals.

In such an encounter, a vampire injects herself with such a drug in front of a business of human soldiers. A phenomenon emerges while Momo is available in front of the vampire. Momo’s mom asks the soldiers to remove her if the requirement emerges, and Mirena guards Momo, taking the blow herself. When Mirena passes away, Momo gets away from the scene with Woman Fine. They come close thanks to their shared similarity towards music and the arts.

Nevertheless, the human resistance is trying to find Momo, and the vampires send out Kubo and Allegro to connect with Woman Fine. While both the soldiers shuffle forward, the budding bond in between Momo and Fine appears unfortunate. On the other hand, Momo questions a painting on the music box, which restores memories for Woman Fine. On the other hand, Momo’s mom sends her bro Kubo and his troop to discover the duo of Momo and Woman Fine. As they follow the celebration to the stoic paradise, violence emerges. On the other hand, the possibility of the human and the vampire appear thin.

Vampire In The Garden Ending: Is Great Dead or Alive?

In the 3rd episode, great passes away in the middle of the story when the marksman assaults the hideout, releasing an arrow towards Fine. The arrow strikes her throat, however she returns on her feet, releasing an attack on the people. Kubo and his group take Momo back with them, however Momo emphatically demonstrations. Fine and Momo look into a hotel space, while Great reveals a dreadful type. Seeing Great in the state, Momo provides blood from her wrist.

Great returns to life for a minute, however the paradox involves that she rejects consuming blood. Fine’s rejection of blood is an ethical option, which depends on sharp contrast to the blood economy that runs the castle – people offering blood to the vampires to keep the violence from occurring. In the background of an unlimited winter season, Fine’s independent and creative mind (not consuming blood is an independent option that she is making, which separates her from the people) shines intense in spite of her being a coldblooded vampire.

For that reason, Fine’s last death comes as a shock to the audiences. In the end, the vampires appear more affordable as they make sure the security of Momo. On the other hand, in an incredible fight with human marksman Kubo, Fine takes the Vampiric type. Kubo takes a hit in the battle, while Great gets fatally injured after injecting the drug. Fine and Momo go to a sanctuary with a structure looking like the bent tower of Pisa. In the flowery bushes, Great takes a visual leave from the screen while her creative self sticks around in the audiences’ minds for a long time.

Does Momo Go Back To Her Mom?

We have actually seen Momo’s mom’s self-important impact on Momo from the start. Her mom is likewise the human army leader, and Momo apparently did not get a say in her registration in the armed force. Momo’s mom is a strong human ideologue who does not let Momo keep the music box considering that music is expected to be a vampire thing. Nevertheless, after hanging around with Fine, Momo recognizes a much wider viewpoint to take a look at the world. At the time, Momo sees the defect in her mom’s black and white method of taking a look at the world.

And when the music box results in the discovery of paradise, it likewise holds a dark side within. For Woman Fine, the music box is a memory of her previous human enthusiast. On the other hand, in Volskaya, some vampires are not pleased that Momo, a human, has actually concerned stick with them. The vampires introduce a hidden attack, while the human troop likewise captures up right after. A battle emerges in between Kubo and Woman Fine. Kubo lives, although beat, while Woman Great takes Momo to a safe location. Woman Great informs Momo to return to her mom on her deathbed. Nevertheless, it is not the very first time she is stating this.

When Great become the devil self, she tosses Momo out of the space, asking her to go back to the human world. In the end, Momo challenges her self-important mom, and she goes her method, leaving her mom speechless. For that reason, we deduce that Momo does not go back to her mom or the people however follows her imagine pursuing music. Momo opens her mouth to sing in the last scene, manifesting her flowering subjectivity. By discarding her human past, Momo has no familial association with the people however just an affinity with other imaginative minds.

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