Vanitha who lost face straight .. Vijay lost his temper and got angry

Actor Vijayakumar’s daughter Vanitha made her Tamil cinema debut in 1995 with the film Chandralekha directed by Nambirajan. The film starred Commander Vijay opposite. After this film he acted in only a few films in Tamil.

The man, who has been embroiled in controversy following a property dispute with his family, attended the Big Boss and added more closets. Currently in an interview with Manopala, the actor has said some interesting information about Vijay.

Vijay’s close friend Sanjeev and I are cousins ​​so always at the photo shoot, we all sit together and chat. I told Vijay, who was a rising hero at the time, “You will become a big superstar later. To which Vijay teased me that you are artistic.

Then once in a magazine misconceptions were written about me. I was lamenting about it to Vijay in the sheeting then. Vijay who was quiet lost his temper after a while and what is the problem with you, if they are talking about you it means you are still alive. If no one notices you it means you are dead. He told me that now you do not understand this, ”said Vanitha.

In fact Vijay was very smart then he said I did not understand what he said and now he understands. Vanitha also mentioned about director Selvamani and Roja in this interview.

Chandralekha had acted as the heroine in only two films in Tamil. But nothing was a big hit. Then after a long hiatus he starred in a supporting role in the 2013 film I Am Going King. Since then, MGR has been producing the 2015 film Shivaji Rajini Kamal.

Many years later, Vanitha is now busy. The main reason for that is the Big Boss show aired on Vijay TV. Vanitha attends the 3rd season of Bigg Boss hosted by actor Kamal Haasan. Through that show he was again talked about passionately among the fans. After that he became busy with many film opportunities, show opportunities, business. Vanitha was also a contestant on the recently concluded Big Boss Ultimate show.

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