Varalakshmi who deceives people and does disgusting work .. Singing money

The situation of today’s people is such that we find ourselves lamenting what we are heading towards. The company has announced an ad that makes us think like this. Recently a number of innovative companies are sprouting that offer solutions for everything like hair loss and body weight.

It is a company that attracts people by advertising that they can lose weight very easily. Weight gain is one of the biggest problems facing housewives right now. Taking advantage of the matter, the company is currently releasing a number of eye-catching announcements.

One of them is the announcement of 5 kg free for 5 kg. You may remember something when you hear this. That means the recent announcement that a biryani is free if you buy a biryani in Chennai has everything on the return page.

Similarly, the company has announced such a shocking thing. That means if we join this company and pay for 5kg weight loss they will get us another 5kg weight loss for free and make us slim.

Many people may get angry over what vegetable market this is. But the cruelty and cruelty is that some actresses are complicit in such a bad thing that endangers the lives of the people.

All of the current actresses are even promoting alcohol that is getting paid. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar is currently in that line. He is advertising for such offers given by the company.

He has been losing weight recently and has been saying on social media that the reason for this is the Colors company. He also says that this will not cause any side effects. It is shocking that Varalakshmi, who started Save Shakti for Women, is supporting such a cause.

Apart from that, the company is also being promoted by actresses like Lakshmi Rai, Mumtaz, Simran and Ramba. Actresses are also said to have lost weight by posing for photos that look plump. People are fooled by that too.

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