Venkat Prabhu who directed the film badly with Surya! Post published by him ..

Venkat Prabhu’s answer

Masilamani is a 2015 Malayalam film directed by Venkat Prabhu and starring Surya.

Released with great anticipation, the film failed to garner critical acclaim, much to the chagrin of Surya’s fans.

In this context, Venkat Prabhu had released a post about the Chennai 200028 movie yesterday.

In that post, one of Surya’s fans posted, “Mass is the worst movie you’ve ever seen, Surya fan, let me catch it”.

Responding to this, Venkat Prabhu posted, “Next time I direct Surya Anna’s film, I will try to live up to your expectations. But Mass is my favorite film.”

Sun TV serials airing on Colors Tamil – you know what?

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