Venkatprabhu who ambushed Sivakumar family .. but you have the courage Jasthi

Director Venkatprabhu gave a blockbuster hit film Chennai 600028 with many newcomers in the first film. He is not only a director but has also acted in some films. In this situation, he had thanked everyone for revealing the screen career of Venkat Prabhu for the last 15 years.

In it he first thanked SBP and his son Saran for producing his Chennai 600028 film. Venkat Prabhu also released a post thanking all the technical artists, directors, producers, friends and media who supported him.

Fans were leaving many comments under this post. Venkat Prabhu had cast Ajith in the villain role in the blockbuster hit film Mankatha. He also gave Simbu, who was waiting for a blockbuster film, the biggest hit of the conference.

Simbu’s market is currently at its peak following the conference film. But actor Sivakumar’s sons Surya and Karthi have both been given a bad image. In other words, Venkatprabhu was directing the movie Mass starring Surya. Venkatprabhu had also shot a film titled ‘Biryani’ starring Karthi.

But both of these are flop pictures. In this case, one of the fans posted that the worst movie released in your movement was Mass, Surya fan myself did not like the movie. For that Venkat Prabhu had posted that next time I get a chance to direct Surya Anna’s film I will definitely meet your expectation.

Venkat Prabhu also mentioned that Mass is my favorite film. However, fans have said that Venkat Prabhu has seduced mass heroes Surya and Karthi. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.

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