VIDEO: Briptu Christy Video Leaked Leave Twitter and Reddit Scandalized


VIDEO: Briptu Christy Video Leaked Leave Twitter and Reddit Scandalized: Social media has been taken by storm by a viral video and a few online sources claimed that this video is linked to a lady whose name is Briptu Chirsty. This viral has been watched by lots of folks on the catch and has gained the limelight of social media. But why this video is in all people’s talk? and who is Briptu Chirsty? moderately a couple of these questions are rising within the minds of readers if you are also one amongst them and engrossing to know regarding the video then you indubitably must quiet move down the internet page and comprise a are awaiting at the total sections which can be placed below on this internet page. Apply More Update On

Briptu Christy Video

It has been identified that Briptu Christy is the companion of Reynaldy Kamae who is 1st Brigadier Customary and Briptu’s husband has replied to the virally unhealthy video clip that is speculated to be of Briptu Christy and he remarked that video as a hoax. For a whereas ago Briptu turned into once an unknown name and now this name has change into a full of life commodity on the catch. Reportedly she is a police officer and she married to 1st Brigadier Customary. Her husband mentioned, “the leaked unhealthy clip is no longer him and we’ll completely request to prosecute or no longer prosecute the media that circulate false news.”

Briptu Christy Leaked Video Defined

1st Brigadier Customary has expressed his anguish over the media that is spreading pretend news on the catch he mentioned “I in actuality comprise watched the disagreeable video that goes around, despite the incontrovertible reality that you just precise are awaiting it, it’s no longer my wifey” and he mentioned angrily that his family is making ready to consume criminal action against the spreader of this false news and he also added that this false news is no longer only about of his companion as it can presumably be dragging declare police.

Who Is Briptu Christy?

As of now, that video has change into a sensational topic on the catch. Nonetheless 1st Brigadier Customary is no longer ready to settle for that this video is of his companion and along with it he also promised to sue the clicking and media who unfold the unhealthy video on extra than one social platforms. He mentioned, “we are attempting to bag those concerned if all kin request to sue because there might be an essence of defamation bag the liable for circulating the video.” Quit connected with us for additional and original updates and browse other world news on this internet page.

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