Video of the league from Dhanush’s new film shooting!

Dhanush is busy acting

Dhanush, one of the leading actors of Tamil cinema, last acted in the movie Maran which was released live on OTT.

But the film has received rave reviews and has become unknown.

Dhanush Tiruchirambalam has been busy acting in films including Vathi and the shooting of the film is in full swing.

Video for the league

A video of Dhanush and Nithya Menon dancing in a festival-like setting is currently going viral on the internet.

Bharathiraja Prakash Raj along with Dhanush have been cast in the lead roles in this highly anticipated film.

In a row Sun Pictures movies will fail to get a reception and we will see depending on whether Dhanush’s Tiruchirambalam movie is a success.

Print is a person who looks like the original actor Dhanush .. The photo that shocked everyone

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