Vignesh Sivan is eager to buy the item that Nayantara wanted, so do you know what it means!

Nayantara is the heroine flying the flag all over South India today. He is currently starring in several films.

The most important of these is the Waiting Vote Two romance film starring her boyfriend in the lead.

Vijay Sethupathi was given a Golden Visa by the Dubai government in his honor while he was filming the film.

This is how Vijay Sethupathi honors the fact that he started his career as a worker in Dubai and has reached the pinnacle today.

Knowing this, Nayantara is desperate to get the Golden Visa somehow.

For that Vignesh is struggling to buy a Golden Visa for his girlfriend to do what he can with Shiva, and the whole of Kollywood is currently obsessed with the Golden Visa.

So what is the use of Golden Visa, there are many offers like you can go and invest and study in Dubai without any permission, and if you buy space there, you will get a lot of offers through this.

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