Vignesh Sivan loses billions

A few tragedies have befallen Tamil cinema till now. They keep dragging a picture to the end. Thus the accusation also arises after watching the film.

That’s right, that’s right. Especially now that Vignesh Sivan has taken the windfall the awesome romantic film has faced many problems.

This is because the image must be sent to the sensor a week before the image release. But due to the delay in the release of the film, it was released only in Tamil Nadu and could not be released abroad.

This has resulted in the loss of several crores to the business of the awesome romantic film in the air. The main reason for all this is said to be Anirudh.

Because they made various changes to the bottle until the last and dragged on without giving within the allotted time. As well as the editing work of the film to the last.

Vignesh Sivan may have tried harder to make the film business by taking the film a little better with the songs of the film being a hit. All that was left was for the film to finally flop.

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