Vignesh Sivan posted a photo with a 7.5 crore Ferrari car.

Kathuvakkula 2, a romantic film directed by Vignesh Sivan, was released recently and received mixed reviews. The film was produced by Nayanthara and Vignesh Sivan through Rowdy Pictures. Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara and Samantha are some of the leading celebrities who have taken pictures and got some good collections.

Also, Nayanthara and Vignesh Sivan have been investing in many industries beyond cinema. In this situation Vigneshchivan has long had a desire for a Ferrari car. He also has the Ferrari logo on his phone case. Vignesh Sivan is so passionate about that car.

Vignesh Sivan has done test driving of a Ferrari SF90 car. She posted these photos on her social media page and was happy with the experience. And the value of this car is 7.5 crores.

Vignesh Sivan poses in front of a red Ferrari car. His fans have been splashing comments that Nayan probably took this photo. In this situation, Vignesh Sivan is going to direct Ajith’s film next.

It is said that Vignesh Sivan and Nayantara will get married later this year. And many good things are going to happen to Vignesh Sivan this year as he gets married to Ferrari car, Ajith movie, Nayantara.

They will say that many good things happen after a failure. Similarly Vignesh Siva’s Guardian 2 love movie failed but many good things continue to happen as he is at the peak of Guru in horoscope.

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