Vignesh Sivan who copied the story of 11 films that came 20 years ago .. You are grinding the dough

Following the success of the movie Me and Rowdy, the movie starring Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara and Samantha under the direction of Vignesh Sivan is awesome. The film is a romantic love triangle with a sense of humor. This is not new to Tamil cinema. 11 hit films with the same storyline have already been released.

Lightning: Reema thinks of herself as the groom Madhavan who came to see her in the 2001 super hit film directed by Gautam Vasudev Menon, and only a few days later the original groom Abbas ignores Madhavan to come. All the songs in the film, in which Reemasen expresses his love for the triangle, were a super hit.

Thinking of you: Written and directed by Vikram, the super hit film stars Surya, Laila and Sneha. To Surya, his parents buy the financial help he needs to get his girlfriend Laila to study medicine. Will eventually be getting married to someone else.

Knowing all this, Sneha also falls in love with Surya. Eventually Laila is deceived by the person she intends to marry, and then finds Surya again. The story of this film is about who finally marries Surya, Laila or Sneha.

Love Nation: Written and directed by Kadir, the film stars Vinith, Abbas and Tabu as friends. But both Taboo Abbas and Vinith will fall in love. The story of this film is about who gets married in the end.

You thought: Devayani, who is also thinking of Vijay as her future husband in the film, falls in love with Devayani’s sister Ramba and Vijay. The interesting thing about this film is that Ramba finally decides to give up his love for his sister and then Vijay marries whom.

Nature: Directed by SB Jananathan, the film stars Sham in love with Radhika, but Radhika falls in love with Arun Vijay. At one point Arunvijay is not sure if he is alive and when Sham-Radhika are getting married Arun suddenly comes to Vijay and Sham who is getting married to Arunvijay and Radhika walks away.

Shahjahan: In this movie the heroine Richa will fall in love with Krishna instead of Vijay. Knowing this, Vijay is filmed as sacrificing his girlfriend along with her boyfriend at the behest of his girlfriend.

Electric dream: Aravindsamy who loves Kajol, but Kajo falls in love with Prabhudeva and eventually goes to Aravindsamy monastery, Arvind Sami will marry both Kajo-Prabhudeva by hand in this movie.

Silence spoke: In this film directed by Aamir, Surya unilaterally falls in love with Trisha and Trisha falls in love with another person. But Laila has been in love with Surya since she was in college with the intention of marrying him. Eventually Surya-Laila will reunite.

It’s similar From the day of the continent In the film, Prasanna, Laila and Karthik Kumar form a love triangle. Also Dhanush film Yaradi you Mogini The story of this film is about the three people who fall in love with Nayanthara, Dhanush and Siddharth alternately and who will eventually join.

Just like that Hey Tsinamika In the Telugu film too, the film would have focused on the love story of the triangle. Thus, the triangular love story that has been the focus of about 11 films so far will be revealed again by Vignesh Sivan’s Guardian’s Awesome Love.

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