Vignesh Sivan who showed the true face .. The decision that Ajith is going to take while searching

Vignesh Sivan remained silent and proved who he is through the film Me and Rowdy. The film became a smash hit mainly Nayantara’s third boyfriend. To the enviable extent the romantic couple came around the world

The next film was shot for duty with Surya taking a picture of the crowd with Dhana and the film running clean. Then Vignesh Sivan took care of Nayantara without taking any pictures.

After a long day, Vignesh Sivan fell in love with Nayanthara’s own film Kathuvakkula. Many people are saying that the full potential of this film is not enough to tell, as it is known in only one film. Nayantara dared to take the film but it was not as successful as expected

He decides the salary of the film starring Nayantara. Nayantara will buy a commission to get the call sheet. All the directors are in a position to give him some money. Vijay Sethupathi, the producer of the film, talked to me and told me that I still need Rs 5 crore to shoot the film.

And many said that Nayantara was angry with Vignesh Sivan for acts like going to a party with Samantha. And now Vignesh is said to be revealing the true face of Shiva.

Also Vignesh Sivan is going to direct AK 62nd movie with Ajith. Many were saying that it was Nayantara who bought the opportunity for the film for Vignesh Sivan. Ajith Vignesh has also said that he can work with Vignesh if the waiting two romantic film directed by Sivan is successful.

Currently Vignesh Sivan’s Waiting Vote is not as well received as expected. Thus many fans are saying that it is better not to act in Ajithkumar Vignesh Sivan movie. Ajith Kumar has already been giving failed films and people are saying that this film will definitely be a failure if he joins them.

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